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Iran’s regime under heavy criticism in social media platforms

Ibrahim Golfam, Cultural Deputy of Iran’s Armed Forces Department
Ibrahim Golfam, Cultural Deputy of Iran’s Armed Forces Department

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


May 7, 2019 - Ibrahim Golfam, Cultural Deputy of Iran’s Armed Forces Department, expressed grave concerns on Monday over Iranian youth welcoming the ideas and beliefs of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) on the internet, and especially through social media platforms.

“The [PMOI/MEK], stationed in the capital of a European country, are day and night busy creating an atmosphere against the Islamic Republic in Twitter, Instagram and Telegram,” he said. Delivering a speech in the city of Yasuj in southcentral Iran, Golfam referred to the solutions provided by Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to his forces on adopting “battle formation.”

“This battle formation is also needed in the fields of economics, culture and soft war,” he explained.


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Lotfollah Dezhkam, Friday prayer imam of Shiraz in southcentral Iran, also expressed such grave concerns during his latest Friday prayer sermon.

“There are some behaviors seen on the internet that need our attention. It is not right for anyone to say anything they wish,” he complained. Dezhkam called for a more active presence by the regime’s oppressive entities on the internet to impose censorship and filtering on social media platforms. “This is a direction that needs to be taken by FATA (Iran’s internet police) and finally the judiciary. Both of these entities need to be involved and there needs to be some control mechanisms from our part.”

Dezhkam also voiced his fury over many social media accounts affiliated to senior regime officials being closed recently.

“They make a fuss and brouhaha about providing an open atmosphere! Free! Anyone is able to say anything they wish! You do know that they erase even one sentence that is expressed by us. Remarks made by [Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei] and other officials, whose words were all broadcast on these platforms. They weren’t saying much! Why do they not allow people to hear what they have to say? Those who close these accounts are cowards!” Dezhkam added in anger.

“Social media accounts, such as Instagram and others, should know they won’t achieve anything by silencing our voices,” he added.