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The largest demonstrations in Iraq against Iran’s malign influence

Massive rallies in cities checkered across central and southern Iraq
Massive rallies in cities checkered across central and southern Iraq

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, November 2, 2019—The Iraqi people’s uprising against the corrupt government and the Iranian regime’s proxies, inflicting a series of major setbacks for the mullahs’ regime that resulted in remarks of deep concerns from Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, has entered its second month.

The iconic Tahrir Square in Baghdad has transformed into the capital of this uprising aiming to overthrow the government.

Rebellious Iraqi youths are expressing their utter anger against Khamenei and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani. This is the response of Iraq’s nation to Khamenei insulting the Iraqi people by describing their courageous uprising and massive demonstrations as mere “riots” and calling for an end to this movement.



“We have controlled the youth’s anger, yet this won’t last forever. This is a message from [Baghdad’s] Al-Sinak Bridge near the Iranian embassy to Khamenei: The Iraqi people have risen against corrupt leaders and the Iranian regime must not intervene in this regard,” one Iraqi demonstrator said.

Ruhollah Bagheri, Khamenei’s representative in the city of Pishva, shed light on the Iranian regime’s escalating concerns over the massive uprisings in Iraq and Lebanon.

“Among the important issues witnessed in the unrests of Iraq and Lebanon is the similarities in the slogans used in Iran’s 2009 sedition (referring to the 2009 uprising in Iran). Back then the [PMOI/MEK] were chanting in Iran, ‘Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, My life for Iran!’ And today in the rallies of Lebanon they are chanting, ‘Not Iran, Not Syria!” These slogans are guided,” he said.

Prior to this Tehran attempted to display a calm image of the demonstrations in Iraq and Lebanon, describing these rallies as “some sporadic gatherings.” However, the Iraqi people’s uprising and their utter hatred of the mullahs’ regime has been so massive and loud that cloaking this reality is simply impossible.

In cities across Iraq demonstrators are seen stomping on large images of Iranian regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini, Khamenei and Soleimani. Such footage has been published across the globe, debunking Tehran’s 40-year lies of enjoying support among various nations across the region. For decades the Iranian regime has claimed Shiites in Iraq are supporters of Khomeini and Khamenei. These recent demonstrations have put a historic end to those lies and marked the beginning of Tehran’s strategic depth – known as the “Shiite Crescent” – crumbling across the region.



Iraqi security sources are reporting more demonstrators being killed and injured, especially among those attempting to push their way to the Iranian regime’s embassy, according to Al Arabiya TV.

“On Wednesday, Khamenei accused Iraqi and Lebanese demonstrators of being supported by the United States, Israel and various Arab states. These remarks sparked anger amongst the demonstrators in Iraq. Following Khamenei’s latest remarks, angry demonstrators have attempted to storm the Iranian regime’s embassy in Baghdad. Iraqi protesters have once again chanted the slogan, ‘Iran, out, out!’ in their squares,” the Al Arabiya TV report adds.

Demonstrators in Basra, southern Iraq, closed down the major Um Qasr port leading into the Persian Gulf, according to Sky News Arabic. They also closed down the Bazargan border area to prevent the export of Iranian-made goods into their country. Iraqi youths are active on social media platforms calling on their fellow countrymen to boycott Iranian-made goods, saying the Iranian regime is the element behind the destruction in Iraq.



Amnesty International has condemned the vicious crimes committed by security forces against Iraqi demonstrators.

“Gruesome string of fatalities as new tear gas grenades pierce protesters’ skulls. The Iraqi authorities must ensure anti-riot police and other security forces in Baghdad immediately stop using two previously unseen types of tear gas grenade to kill rather than disperse protesters, Amnesty International urged today after its investigation found they caused at least five protester deaths in as many days,” the report reads.

With the uprising spreading across Shiite provinces in southern Iraq, the scope of these demonstrations are spreading to other parts of the country. Leading tribal sheikhs in Diyala Province, north of Baghdad and bordering Iran, issued a statement condemning the crimes committed by oppressive security forces and the killing of Iraqi demonstrators, and expressed their support and solidarity with this uprising.

The concerns of the Iranian regime circles around the very possibility of these uprisings in Iraq and Lebanon spilling over into Iran.

“Today’s developments in Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan are the enemy’s excuse to deliver a blow to Iran…,” said Khamenei’s representative in the city of Pol-edokhtar in the western outskirts of the country, along the Iran-Iraq border. Iranian officials are worried that the continuation and expansion of protests in Iraq will spill into Iran and ignite the already explosive rage of the Iranian society.