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Iranian “Assembly of Experts” member: The people dislike us!

The Iranian people utterly despise the mullahs’ regime
The Iranian people utterly despise the mullahs’ regime

Reporting by PMOI/MEK



Iran, August 31, 2019–Hashem Hashemzadeh Herisi, a former member of Iran’s Majlis (parliament) and current member of the Assembly of Experts, made interesting remarks about the Iranian people. “The people dislike us and are discontent with us… not only our narrative but everything about us must change,” he said.

Hashemzadeh Herisi, who is also the Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s representative in Tabriz, the capital of the East Ajarbaijan province in north-west Iran, and leads the Friday prayers in the city, added: “We talk the talk of Takfir, considering one side the servants of the regime and the other traitors.”

The Assembly of Experts has the responsibility to appoint a new Supreme Leader. Herisi referred to Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the mullahs' regime after the 1979 revolution, and said: “Khomeini was afraid of the people and the people’s discontents, and when the time comes that they will put us all aside. [Khomeini] said you should be afraid of the day when the people understand your nature,” he added.

Referring to the Quran, Herisi then concluded, “In some of the Quran’s verses, it says that the most unfortunate of people are those who do something wrong and think that they’ve done something right.”

Anyhow, the ruling mullahs in Iran know very well the wrong they’re doing to the country and its population. When you release a former minister, Mohammad-Ali Najafi, after he cold bloodily shot his wife dead, but condemn minors to death after committing murder in a street fight, it doesn’t take a genius to understand the double standard at play.

According to the Revolutionary Guards–affiliated Fars news agency, Emad Afroogh, a former Majlis member, acknowledges the severe difficulties that ordinary Iranians face. “According to a survey, 78 percent of the people believe their most dire problems are economic,” he added.

“Today, the people, when they compare their living conditions with that of officials, they come to the conclusion that nobody is caring for them and they are sort of abandoned,” Emad Afroogh further says. “People face increasing prices every day and authorities try to pacify them with empty promises.”

In a few weeks, schools will reopen after the summer break, and considering the continuous wave of inflation, Iranian families will have a hard time providing for the basic educational needs of their children.

Stationery prices have increased over 40 percent over the past year, but that’s not the only thing that troubles Iranian families.

Since the first day of this regime has been in power, their text books have been riddled with ideological propaganda, advertising war and “martyrdom.” However, as if that was not enough, the regime has started to print its backward dogmas on notebooks.

Iranian children are exposed to the regimes mullahs’ dangerous propaganda


Iranian children are exposed to the regimes mullahs’ dangerous propaganda