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Iran: Open letter condemning six executions

Zahedan Central Prison in southeast Iran
Zahedan Central Prison in southeast Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Sept. 17, 2018 - Following the criminal execution of three Iranian Baluchis in Zahedan Central Prison in southeast Iran and the execution of three Kurdish political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison west of Tehran, a number of inmates in Zahedan Central Prison wrote an open-letter condemning these crimes.

Mohammad & Ismael Shahbakhsh, and Hayatollah Nutizehi were the three Iranian Baluchis sent to the gallows while Loghman and Zaniar Moradi, along with Ramin Hossein Panahi, were executed on September 8th.

The inmates of Zahedan Central Prison condemning these vicious crimes said, “We hope the voices of all suffering Iranians will be with us, and their hearts to be our hearts in condemning this crime.”

This letter reads in part:

“Our consciences are the only ‘courts of law’ that need no judge. Please accept our greetings along with our condolences to all Iranians, those feeling sympathy and especially the provinces of Sistan & Baluchistan and Kurdistan, and especially the families of Mohammad & Ismael Shahbakhsh, and Hayatollah Nutizehi in Baluchistan, and the families of Loghman and Zaniar Moradi, and Ramin Hossein Panahi in Kurdistan…

“Our voices, among the land of the forgotten in Zahedan Central Prison, may not be the most vocal voice. Yet it is a voice that has experienced pain and suffering, and for years we have been under the regime’s batons. We have witnessed thousands of crimes by this bloodthirsty regime in this prison, we weep and bleed for those in grief.

“Once again, we Iranians condemn this hideous crime. We hope to have the voices of all suffering Iranians… To those people remaining silent in Baluchistan and Kurdistan, know that these youth are being sacrificed for the sole reason of defending your lost rights. You shouldn’t allow them to be alone and go forgotten…”

Zahedan Central Prison

September 15, 2018


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