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From contradiction to admission: How Iran’s regime failed to cover up the COVID-19 outbreak

From contradiction to admission: How Iran’s regime failed to cover up the COVID-19 outbreak
From contradiction to admission: How Iran’s regime failed to cover up the COVID-19 outbreak

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, June 2, 2020—The Iranian regime’s highest officials have acknowledged to increasing numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths across the country.

The Iranian regime Health Minister Saeed Namaki acknowledged, “The coronavirus outbreak is not only far from over, but we could at any moment see a new dangerous peak.”

Provincial officials also reported an increase in coronavirus cases in several provinces. According to these acknowledgements there are no “white areas” in the country.

Also, Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani acknowledged on May 30: “The number of coronavirus cases is increasing. Our work has now become even more difficult. The current situation is even more dangerous than in February and March.”

Previously, Rouhani claimed during the Coronavirus Task Force committee on May 16, “We passed the peak and our situation is very different from the first day” and added, “By the end of May we have completely overcome this disease.”

In a meeting with the members of the Coronavirus Task Force committee, Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei described the planning and management of this committee as "really good" and said, “With all their claims, the westerners have failed in this regard."

This propaganda narrative was further reflected in the fake statistics provided by the regime's Ministry of Health on a daily basis. In these engineered statistics, the regime tried to pretend that the number of patients and deaths was constantly declining and that the disease curve was flattening, while the reality was quite the opposite.

The reason of acknowledgments

Recent acknowledgements about the true scale of the coronavirus outbreak stem from two realities. First is the horrific dimensions of the tragedy. Currently, following the lifting of restrictions and reopening of public places, most hospitals in many provinces of the country are full of coronavirus patients, a significant number of whom are critically ill. Simultaneously, cemeteries in many cities are filled with coronavirus victims.

On the other hand, the constant revelations and disclosures provided by the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and the Iranian Resistance about the statistics of the coronavirus outbreak, which includes separate details about provinces, have completely discredited the fake statistics of Rouhani’s government the Health Ministry.

As the daily Mostaghel wrote on June 1, the reality is that the regime refused to pay the price of imposing public quarantines and followed the policy of herd immunity. This in effect means, let the people contract the virus and die, and eventually, after 2-3 million people die, public safety will develop. However, Khamenei and his regime could perfectly fund the quarantine of the entire population if they wished.

The same outlet also estimated that a 10-percent profit of the wealth and assets of 10 Khamenei-controlled institutions and foundations amount to $100 billion, with which he could easily quarantine the entire country and pay for the people’s expenses. But Khamenei decided to put his hand in the pocket of the people and said “production must resume at any cost.” Consequently, he sent the people back to work and coronavirus minefields so that he could continue to spend the country’s wealth on financing suppression and exporting terrorism to neighboring nations. This is while the regime is covering up the real dimensions of coronavirus casualties in Iran and is publicizing the actual casualties of other countries as an excuse to claim victory. Khamenei and Rouhani tried to use the coronavirus crisis as a tool against the collapse of their regime at the price of many human lives, but they did not succeed. Now the situation is backfiring against the regime.