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The utter failure of Rouhani’s falsehood campaign

While COVID-19 is taking more lives in Iran, regime president Hassan Rouhani claims victory over the virus
While COVID-19 is taking more lives in Iran, regime president Hassan Rouhani claims victory over the virus

Analysis by PMOI/MEK

Iran, May 16, 2020—While Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani claims to have established control over the country’s coronavirus crisis and the situation is getting back to normal, but another current withing the highest level of regime officials are saying the exact opposite and warn about the disastrous spread of the coronavirus in various provinces.

During a meeting of the Coronavirus Task Force committee on Thursday, May 14, Rouhani said, “With the increase in the number of white cities, and as we approach the phase of controlling the virus, other businesses and centers such as stadiums and cultural centers can be reopened.” In fact, the process of reopening mosques and religious places on the one hand and sports complexes on the other is on the agenda. Rouhani has spoken about “considering the manner and conditions of holding Eid al-Fitr prayers” and “reopening holy shrines”

Iraj Harrirchi, the Deputy Health Minister, has promised sports leagues to resume and a sports official also announced that the teams' training will be free after Saturday.

All these measures are based on the premise that coronavirus is controlled and managed, and disease statistics are declining. But remarks by a growing number of regime officials depict a totally different picture:

  • Health Minister Saeed Namaki: “The biggest mistake people can make is to think that we are in a good position with coronavirus.”
  • Alireaza Zali, Head of Coronavirus Task Force committee in Tehran, reported about completely unstable and fragile conditions in Tehran.
  • Massoud Mardani, Member of the Coronavirus Task Force committee: “We are worried about an increase in mortality in the future.”

Also visible in remarks made by regime officials are fears of the explosive conditions of the virus in the society:

  • The mayor of Behbahan announced the condition of the city as extremely critical and on the verge of exploding.
  • The regime’s local TV channel in Ahwaz announced: “Today the coronavirus bomb has exploded in Khuzestan Province and 550 people were affected in one day.”

Despite the government policy to reopen public places, some local officials announced measures to reimpose quarantines. The governor of Brujerd announced that the city will be totally closed on Thursday and Friday, and the governor of Abadan also announced full quarantine regulations will be enforced in the city from Sunday.

Even Fars News Agency, owned and operated by the terrorist-designated Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), acknowledged this contradiction and announced that the government is facing a dilemma. But Rouhani still insists on his lies in the meeting of the Coronavirus Task Force committee on Thursday and said the success of coronavirus management and control is thanks to “the cohesion and unity of officials at various levels across the country.”

What is the root of this contradiction and dualism? And why can’t the regime overcome this situation? The answer must first be sought in the horrific scale of the disaster. The disease and its outbreak and death toll are so high that the regime is unable to conceal it. On the other hand, the regime is unable to control the virus and is not willing to pay the price of imposing quarantines, which is to tap into the vast financial resources that have enabled its leaders to have lavish lifestyles and spend huge amounts on spreading terrorism and fundamentalism across the globe. It has instead opted to pay the price out of the peoples, pockets by reopening businesses, which intensifies the spread the deadly virus and will result in massive casualties among the Iranian population.

Even regime’s apparatuses of propaganda and suppression are unable to prevent its own officials from speaking the truth about the scale of the disaster. The conclusion is that regime’s policy, which is based on lies, has hardly failed since its own officials acknowledged that no one in the world or within the regime believes the official numbers and statistics. The regime’s hypocrisy has caused more crises and has driven a wedge in the gap between rivaling factions. As the coronavirus disaster becomes exacerbated, the regime’s inner crises deepen, and the more Rouhani tries to cover up his regime’s crimes, the deeper he sinks into the swamp that is his own making.