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White areas: Tehran’s new excuse to infect the population with COVID-19

Iran's regime is lifting restrictions under the excuse of declaring "white areas" where there are no infections
Iran's regime is lifting restrictions under the excuse of declaring "white areas" where there are no infections

Analysis by PMOI/MEK  

Iran, April 28, 2020—During the Coronavirus Control Task Force session on Sunday, April 26, the Iranian regime’s president Hassan Rouhani made a vague announcement that the Health Ministry has prepared a list of 127 cities (more or less) and will announce it in early May or mid-Ramadan. People will be able to go to mosques in these cities, and the Friday prayers will reopen with special protocols. With the assistance of the people, these “white areas” will expand day by day, Rouhani added.

The announcement of these white areas, which is still shrouded in ambiguity, is a further step of the regime’s criminal measures toward removing restrictions meant to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The result, obviously, will be a new wave of COVID-19 victims.

The regime’s criminal lies

Announcing cities as white areas is a big lie with the aim to justify the removal of restrictions. According to remarks by numerous officials, there are no white areas in the country. Given the main centers of population in Tehran and the capitals of provinces are red and there are no restrictions on travel between provinces and cities, naturally, no white area can exist.

For instance, in Isfahan province, the Health Ministry has announced nine cities as white areas but Kamal Heidari, deputy dean of the University of Medical Sciences of Isfahan said, “At the moment we have no white areas in Isfahan province and Isfahan is a red zone.”

In Sistan and Baluchestan Province the Health Ministry has announced six cities as white areas but Mohammad Hashemi, dean of the University of Medical Sciences of Zahedan, said, “Not only is there no evidence of an end to coronavirus but we are probably at the beginning of the second peak.”

In Khuzestan, while the Health Ministry announced 12 cities as white areas, the dean of the University of Medical Sciences in Jondishapur of Ahwaz, said, “The number of hospitalized coronavirus patients in Khuzestan has increased by 50 percent last week.”

In Gilan the representative of the Health Ministry said, “There is still no place in the province that, in terms of coronavirus, could be considered as a white area and we are still in danger.”

The head of Mashhad’s University of Medical Sciences said: “The situation in Mashhad is not considered white and during the last 24 hours the number of coronavirus cases has increased.”

On the other hand, many health care managers and executive officials in various provinces emphasize that coronavirus statistics are rising and the second or third peak is on the way, which could be more deadly and expansive compared to the first one. The head of Infectious Diseases Center at the Ministry of Health said, “We are still in the first wave and increasing wave of the disease and we are reaching the peak of the disease.” (Source: Behdasht News, April 27)

Every day, the Health Ministry of the Rouhani government announces the fake and ridiculous statistics of the number of coronavirus cases and deaths without providing details about provinces. The reason is clear, if the statistics are announced in detail, the absurdity will become evident very quickly.

The insistence to reopen religious centers

Therefore, in this situation, announcing 100 locations to be white areas is meaningless and absurd and has no consequence but the deliberate spread of coronavirus through the society. One of the main reasons Rouhani announces these areas to be white is his insistence on reopening mosques and holy shrines, which are politically very important for the regime. The mullahs ruling Iran care only about their own benefits, just as they prevented the holy city of Qom from being quarantined at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak and laid the groundwork for the current disaster. They are entering people to a more dangerous stage which must be revealed and resisted.

The Iranian regime tries to use the crisis as a tool against the collapse of his regime at the price of many human lives. But as Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has said in her message on the occasion of Ramadan on April 26, “The mullahs are the cold-hearted enemies of Iran and its people. They have robbed safety from the Iranian people, leaving them without any form of support or refuge. The only path to salvation and freedom is for the Iranian people to take their destiny in their own hands. If every death is an opportunity and a blessing for the mullahs’ religious fascism, we must rebel and wage a battle against the regime that is a hundred times more intense, and turn these deaths into the countdown for the regime’s overthrow.” Yes, “Rebels will create victories.”