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Iranian government spox: 91% of the population believe officials are corrupt

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabie
Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabie

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, August 29, 2019–Ali Rabie, cabinet spokesman of Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani, acknowledged growing public dissent in regards to the regime and government officials.

“91 percent of the people believe government officials are corrupt,” he said in an interview with the state-run Iran daily, known as the government’s mouthpiece. “Let me respond with numbers and polls. I have a meeting every Tuesday with all government apparatuses. Based on the polls conducted by these government-run entities, 91 percent of the population believe there is corruption,” Rabie added.

Various cases of theft and an escalating power struggle between regime officials over plundering public property have been unveiled in the past few days alone. This power struggle has also become a major predicament even for Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of the regime’s Supreme National Security Council and representative of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in this body.

A state-run outlet published interesting comments in reply to Shamkhani claiming it is quite visible in the streets of Tehran that the people are very happy. “Certain individuals are talking about the Iranian people’s happiness who themselves buy multi-million-dollar houses for their second or third wives, and their toddler grandchildren are already owners of massive property. Their children and nephews/nieces are enjoying money from rent and while their stomachs are full of state money, they talk about the country’s hungry country and unemployed workers being ‘happy,’” the piece reads.

On the topic of the regime’s internal corruption and recent arrests of government officials, one of the individuals arrested recently has made interesting comments.

“The main reason why I was arrested is that I have knowledge about the corruption around Issa Sharifi, deputy of former Tehran mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, and Mahmoud Seif, former head of the Mobin Diamond Company, associated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC),” the individual said. “The IRGC Intelligence Organization arrested me considering the fact that I intended to go public on details in this regard,” the individual added, with his remarks published in many state-run outlets.

The dire case of corruption has reached the regime’s senior officials and Iranian regime Vice President Eshagh Jahangiri is also making remarks on this highly sensitive topic. “The discriminatory approach witnessed these days in regards to the issue of corruption is the direct result of this very heinous matter. In the first days that Rouhani’s government came into power, was it not clear how $700 billion dollars of oil money was spent? All the behind the scenes details and the hidden proportions of the Babak Zanjani case must be made public. It must be made clear how Babak Zanjani was able to easily take advantage of $207 billion of state money,” he said.

According to the regime’s own state media, Morteza Bakhtiari, former chief of staff of the regime’s judiciary chief Sadegh Larijani, shed light on the fact that his boss had 60 different bank accounts.

The state-run Islamic Republic daily provided even more details on corruption amongst regime officials.

“What happened that all of a sudden a number of our officials were going the distance to help various corrupt officials flee? Why did the Minister of Industries allow two corrupt auto manufactory officials carry out their illegal measures? The fact that ‘300 officials made calls to the police to have a professional narcotics smuggler released from behind bars’ raises many alarm bells for the public,” the piece reads in part.

“The judiciary entering the case of crimes committed by auto companies raises this question that why didn’t the Ministry of Industries take action during the past year that these companies were busy with their corrupt measures? Why did they not prevent all the faulty car sales to the public?”

The more details provided in this regard, the more we understand that the issue of corruption in this regime has no end in sight.


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