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Iran: Factional infighting over a corrupt billionaire, Babak Zanjani


The case of Babak Zanjani, the subject of factional infighting
The case of Babak Zanjani, the subject of factional infighting
Following the tension between Iranian regime’s judiciary and Rouhani’s government regarding the case of Babak Zanjani, now in jail on financial corruption charges, Iranian regime’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement on Thursday January 5, stating that “basically, dealing with such an issue (Babak Zanjani’s case) is beyond the conventional duties of any foreign ministry.”
Regime’s Foreign Ministry has announced that the reason for not pursuing the case is that none of the measures taken by Babak Zanjani and his accomplices have been through legal and official routes, but rather all of them have been carried out in fraudulent, unofficial, underground and secret ways.
Regime’s Foreign Ministry has maintained that pursuing such a case is “the inherent duty of other agencies particularly intelligence”, whereas “the Ministry of Information has not yet been allowed to independently enter into the case.”
Iranian regime’s head of judiciary Sadegh Larijani said in his weekly meeting on Monday that “the track of money belonging to Babak Zanjani is being kept by the Central Bank and the Foreign Ministry.” He added that “the government can easily keep track of this money through an active diplomacy.”
Regime’s Foreign Ministry, on the other hand, called Larijani’s remarks ‘unexpected’, claiming that “never before has such a mission been assigned to the Foreign Ministry.”
“We’ve been surprised by the innuendo made by head of judiciary on Iran’s diplomatic efforts regarding the nuclear deal”, continued the Foreign Ministry.
Larijani had said that “the gentlemen in our diplomacy have apparently focused all their efforts on the nuclear deal, with the result being what we all see.”
Babak Zanjani’s case has caused tension between Rouhani’s government and regime’s judiciary in the past few days.