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“Cancer is spreading throughout the state,” says senior Iranian mullah

Sadegh Larijani and Mohammad Yazdi, two rival senior mullahs in Iran’s regime
Sadegh Larijani and Mohammad Yazdi, two rival senior mullahs in Iran’s regime

Reporting by PMOI/MEK


Iran, August 19, 2019—Hojjati Kermani, a senior figure in the mullahs’ regime in Iran, voiced grave concerns over escalating internal disputes and an unprecedented power struggle in Tehran.

“I believe the state is suffering from a severe case of cancer that has engulfed the entire apparatus. This consists of major cultural and moral failures… deception … from economic corruption to internal differences and enmity, parallel to foreign issues… The state needs comprehensive chemotherapy,” he said.

Makarem Shirazi, another senior mullah in Iran’s regime, sought to calm a serious dispute between two high ranking figures: mullahs Sadegh Larijani and Mohammad Yazdi.

“These disputes will result in nothing other than the fire of sedition to erupt again. End this situation immediately,” he warned.

The regime’s media outlets are also covering this unprecedented power struggle inside the regime. Various outlets are publishing different analyses forecasting a major expulsion of numerous high-ranking officials from their posts as a result of the ongoing quarrel between Yazdi and Larijani. Some believe this could be a dispute over who may possibly replace an already ill Ali Khamenei as the regime’s Supreme Leader or at least enjoy a high-ranking post following his death.

Such disputes in Iran have a history of leading to various revelations of corruption and cases of embezzlements among regime officials. The Larijani family have long enjoyed senior posts in this regime. Currently, however, there are reports indicating that Javad Larijani has stepped down from his post in the judiciary and Fazel Larijani has left Iran without any intention of returning.

The circumstances have reached a point where a certain college student group said to be linked to Khamenei has criticized Sadegh Larijani and went as far as voicing small complaints about the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force chief Qasem Soleimani. This is quite rare as it is common knowledge that Soleimani answers directly to Khamenei himself and has approval for all his measures.

There are even former IRGC chief Mohsen Rezaie may be sacked from his post as Secretary of the regime’s Expediency Council.

Other reports indicate that Yazdi is making threats about certain officials in Iran being promoted. His threats consist of calling for riots and attacks against the offices of this or that senior figure and literally setting their buildings on fire to prevent any such promotions that may downgrade his own position.

As corruption is causing major public dissent in Iran, a number of concerned mullahs are suddenly criticizing how large budgets have been allocated for extremely luxurious mosques and other religious centers. For the past four decades there have never been such rhetoric inside Iran as the mullahs’ regime has constantly allocated huge sums of money for these construction projects while justifying their measures under the cloak of religion.

“Statements are being made with no red lines. This is a sign of political chaos and lack of coordination/management across the country. This trend must stop immediately. Such disputes among senior figures will result in nothing but rifts between the people and the clergy. These senior figures should not make their differences public,” according to the state-run Jomhouri Islami daily.

Such concerns are being voiced by various individuals and media across the board in Iran. This certainly indicates an unprecedented level of internal dispute in the mullahs’ regime during the past four decades. And the future only looks even darker.