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Changing tone from inside Iran’s regime

All indicating troubling times awaiting the mullahs’ regime
All indicating troubling times awaiting the mullahs’ regime

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Oct. 13, 2018 - Various officials and state media outlets inside Iran are sounding alarmed bells, all indicating troubling times awaiting the mullahs’ regime. There’s nothing left of the economy, the society is exploding as a powder keg and “the enemy has set an ambush…”

There are also figures going the distance to suggest solutions, including the resignation of Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani or Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei decreasing his absolute hegemony. There are even those calling on senior officials to apologize to the people. It is interesting to know that all these steps will inevitably lead to the end of this apparatus in its entirety.

Mostafa Tajzadeh, deputy interior minister during the tenure of Mohammad Khatami, also voiced expressed his concerns on this increasingly sensitive subject.

“I am in contact with a number of officials, and I can say if they share my concerns. However, as you know, in the Islamic Republic we have two types of officials. The first group has authorities yet feel no responsibility. The second group have responsibilities on their shoulders yet lack the necessary authorities. The first group can be dubbed as the epicenter and power hardcore. It has been some time now that this group has realized how the situation is deteriorating significantly,” he said to the Hamshahri daily.

Tajzadeh goes on to suggest a solution to Rouhani, saying he should request permission from Khamenei to leave the regime’s foreign policy on his shoulders and, for example, provide a one-year period to enter talks with U.S. President Donald Trump. If things work out and sanctions are lifted, the better. If not, however, Rouhani would accept responsibility and, if needed, step down. As simple as that!

Ahmad Zeid Abadi, known to be close to Rouhani, voices disappointment in any change from within the regime.

“Shuffling the cabinet will not help at all in changing the status quo. Rouhani is in a circle of people that can do nothing but make circumstances even more complicated,” he said. “If I had any suggestion, I wouldn’t advise him to resign.”

Terrified of the upcoming sanction, Sadeq Zibakalam, described as a theoretician for the so-called moderates in the Iranian regime, says social consequences are grave as prices are skyrocketing and living conditions becoming intolerable for the people.

“Officials should refrain from using any words that may open old wounds and provoke the society,” he added in remarks to the Baztab website.

Disappointment in regards to any change inside the regime is spreading on a large scale.

The Iranian regime is now full of rifts and the mullahs hope to prevent leaks. Two of these rifts may be closed, while 2,000 other leaks remain open. This apparatus can’t continue like this and serious measures are needed.

The Iranian people have completely lost all confidence in the mullahs’ regime. If officials continue trekking down the current path, closing their eyes and ears, rest assured this fire will backlash and have a negative impact on the regime itself.

All the while, the Iranian people are expanding their protests and the opposition, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) “Resistance Units” are increasing in numbers.

Following the Dec/Jan uprising where the Iranian people made it clear how they want this regime gone in its entirety, the status quo has reached a certain point-of-no-return that. Rest assured Khamenei himself is very much aware of these alarming conditions.

In such circumstances, the domestic crackdown will no longer be effective. And the Iranian nation is watching.