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The logic behind Rouhani’s coronavirus lies

Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani
Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, May 24, 2020—During Saturday’s Coronavirus Task Force meeting, Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani declared plans to resume many operations and further lift restrictions. He also claimed that in at least 10 provinces, the situation is back to normal and the government has been able to contain the deadly virus.

Rouhani made the comments against the backdrop of the continued spread of COVID-19, which has so far claimed more than 43,800 lives.

Experts and physicians as well as many of the regime’s own officials oppose Rouhani’s viewpoint and constantly warn that the situation is critical across the country, and contrary to Rouhani’s claims, there are no white areas in Iran. The reopening will only make the situation worse.

For example, the president of Tabriz Medical Sciences University said, “Current information shows that every week, there’s a 30-40-percent increase in the number of people who have contracted coronavirus.”

The deputy governor of Sistan and Baluchistan province revealed that the number of coronavirus cases has grown by a factor of 15 in comparison to the first two months of the outbreak.

One of the senior health officials in Golestan said that by April 2, 230 people had died of COVID-19 in this province while the regime’s official reports only confirm 10 deaths in the province.

As Rouhani can’t prevent the reality from being revealed, he resorts to different lies and twists the truth to justify his criminal policy of sending the people back to work in the coronavirus minefield in different ways.

It’s what Rouhani doesn’t say that reveals the truth about the coronavirus outbreak in Iran.

On Saturday, Rouhani claimed that 10 provinces were in a good state. Aside from how reliable this claim is—Rouhani refrained from naming those 10 provinces—his remarks mean that 21 other provinces are in critical condition. Rouhani’s own health ministry has stipulated that no province is white.

Rouhani also claimed that compared to the number of coronavirus cases, the number of COVID-19 deaths is declining. What this means is that both coronavirus cases and deaths are increasing—it’s just their proportion that is decreasing. Obviously, if the number of deaths had declined, Rouhani would explicitly say so.

This type of falsehood mongering has a long history in the mullahs’ regime. For example, Ali Khamenei, the regime’s supreme leader, once claimed that the speed of scientific progress in Iran was 13 times faster than other places in the world. Even if true, this is again a devious way of twisting the truth. Consider two vehicles, one moving at 100 km/h and the other at 2 km/h. If the first vehicle accelerates to 120 km/h, then it would have seen a 20-percent speed increase. If the second vehicle accelerates to 20 km/h, then it would have seen a 1,000-percent increase. In this case, one could claim that the second vehicle accelerated at 50x the first.

This is the kind of logic that regime leaders use to claim that they are managing the coronavirus better than European and American countries.

At the same time, Rouhani is utterly frustrated at the constant revelations made by the Iranian resistance, which is debunking his lies every day. In the Coronavirus Task Force meeting, Rouhani said, “Some want to create mental insecurity in the country and some want to create the impression that things will not return to normal.”

The regime’s state-run media express Rouhani’s frustration even more vividly. Arman Daily wrote on Saturday, “The situation of the state is very sensitive. Social, economic, and political changes after the dangerous coronavirus epidemic will definitely affect us… We have a very limited window.”