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Protests erupt for the second day in Shapour, Isfahan

The people of Isfahan rallied to protest against the Iranian regime’s corruption
The people of Isfahan rallied to protest against the Iranian regime’s corruption

Reported by POMI/MEK


Agust 1, 2018 - The people of Isfahan rallied to protest against the Iranian regime’s corruption and the declining economic situation for the second consecutive day on Wednesday.

4:30 PM CET: The Iranian regime’s security forces have brought anti-riot water cannon vehicle to disperse the protesters. However, the protesters are resisting.



Clashes between security forces and protesters continue in different parts of the city.



Videos obtained from Shapour show clashes continue between protesters and state security forces. In the Khomeini highway, a unit of security forces tried to attack protesters but retreated when they resisted and resorted to firing tear gas at the protesters.



Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, hailed the people of Isfahan for their resistance and said they are “heralding liberation of their land occupied by the mullahs’ religious tyranny.”






Anti-regime protests in Isfahan continue to this hour. According to videos obtained from the city, the protesters are chanting, “Khamenei, shame on you. Let go of your rule,” a direct challenge to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the highest authority in the Iranian regime.



Thick columns of smoke are rising from different parts of the city as protesters have set vehicle tires ablaze to counter the effects of tear gas fired by security forces. The streets are strewn with rocks and bricks where protesters have clashed with the regime’s repressive forces.




Locals reports that anti-riot police are afraid to engage in heavy clashes with protestors and in some regions they have retreated when faced with the resistance of the angry demonstrators of Isfahan, who have taken to the streets because of the dwindling economic situation and the widespread corruption of the Iranian regime.



Tensions continue to rise in Isfahan as protests that started this morning stretch into the afternoon. Clashes between protesters and security forces continue in various parts of the city. Protesters are chanting anti-regime slogans including “the enemy is right here.



They’re lying that it’s the U.S.” This is a direct reference to the regime’s media propaganda that tries to blame the country’s economic woes on foreign powers. The protesters of Isfahan are also calling for solidarity and resistance against the regime, chanting, “Don’t be afraid. We’re all together.”



Isfahan, Shapour is again the scene of new anti-govenment protests



Protests continue to rage in Shapur Jadid, Isfahan. Security forces have tried to control the situation by firing tear gas at protesters. The protesters have set tires ablaze to counter the effects of tear gas and the protests continue. The Iranian regime’s repressive forces are reluctant to directly clash with protesters and are keeping their distance.



The number of protesters in Isfahan has reached in thousands. During the second consecutive day of protests against economic woes and the dictatorship of the Iranian regime, demonstrators clashed with security forces. The regime has dispatched special forces to quell the unrests, but hasn’t been able to control the situation.



The protesters are chanting “Any Iranian who remains silent is committing treason” and are calling on their compatriots to support them in their cause.



Security forces attacked the protesters to disperse them, but the demonstrators confronted the police and resisted the crackdown. Protests continue at this hour.


Yesterday, a large group of people gathered in the city’s Amir Kabir industrial district (renamed to Shapur) to protest against increasing prices, continuous power outage and the corrupt policies of the Iranian regime, including its costly meddling in neighboring countries.



The merchants and retailers of this area have closed their shops and gone on strike. The people are chanting slogans that reflect the current economic woes: “Death to high prices. Death to unemployment. Iranians, Shapuris, support the protesters. Corrupt authorities must resign.”

Protesters are also targeting the regime in its entirety with slogans such as: “Death to the dictator. Reformists, principlists, the game is over.”

The protesters denounced the regime’s promises as hollow lies.

Workshop owners in Isfahan held banners in protest to high prices and their economic difficulties.

The Iranian regime has dispatched a large contingent of its suppressive forces to control the situation. But the protesters confronted security forces and continue their protests.

Isfahan is one of many cities that have seen continues unrest since nationwide protests erupted across the country in late December. In recent months, the farmers of Isfahan have also been protesting against lack of access to water and the regime’s corrupt management of the country’s natural resources.