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Protests continue in at least eight Iranian cities

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, July 3, 2019 - The plundered customers of the Caspian financial institution held a protest gathering in front of the prosecutor's office in Tehran on Monday. The protesters were chanting slogans that exposed the complicity of regime officials and institutions in stealing their investments.

Caspian is one of the many investment firms affiliated to the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) and Iranian regime officials that have stolen billions of dollars' worth of investors’ money. The past few years have seen constant protests by the customers of these credit institutions.


Tehran-The plundered customers held a protest gathering

Tehran-The plundered customers held a protest gathering




Rice farmers hold protests against water shortages

On Sunday, a group of rice farmers from the villages surrounding Shushtar, Khuzestan Province in southwest Iran, rallied in front of the governor's office protesting water shortages.

Several provinces in Iran are suffering from water shortages. One of the main reasons behind this dilemma is the destructive policies of the government in mismanaging water resources and using them for the purposes of the IRGC.  

Protests by workers of Fasa sugar cube factory

On Sunday, the workers of the Fasa sugar cube factory protested in front of the governorate of the city of Fasa for not receiving their wages for months.

Protest by Bonab University workers

On Sunday, the employees of Bonab University protested the so-called plan for “workforce adjustment,” meaning the unemployment of many employees.

Izeh villagers block garbage depot

A group of people from the villages surrounding the city Izeh, Khuzestan Province in southwest Iran, gathered and prevented the municipality from dumping waste near their villages. The protesters reiterated that the regime has been promising them for 29 years to rearrange the garbage-dumping program to avoid disposing of waste near their villages. More than 8,000 inhabitants are living in these villages.


Protests by volunteers for university entrance exams

A group of the volunteers for university entrance examination from the flooded cities of Iran protested in front of the regime’s evaluation institute in Tehran, demanding delay of the national entrance test.

Protest by pick-up truck drivers in Tehran

On Sunday, pick-up truck drivers gathered in front of the Tehran City Council to protest high prices asked for entering traffic control areas.

Protests by street vendors in Tabriz

Street vendors in Tabriz in northwest Iran protested in front of the regime’s governorate for being prohibited from working in the historical Tabriz Bazar.