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A look at Tuesday’s protests in Iran

A protester holds a sign that reads: “Teachers don’t belong in prisons”
A protester holds a sign that reads: “Teachers don’t belong in prisons”

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Nov. 28, 2018 - People from all walks of like took to the streets in various cities of Iran on Tuesday, protesting the regime’s policies and demanding their rights.

A group of retirees rallied on Tuesday outside the regime’s Department of Labor in Tehran. The protesters were holding signs calling on bystanders to join their ranks and chanting:

“Our pain is your pain, join us”

“Life, security and health are our right”

“The lesser the embezzlements, the more our problems will be solved”

The retirees were holding placards reading:

“Release all jailed teachers”

“All government institutions must be held responsible for why retirees are living in poverty”

“Fighting corruption and embezzlement is one of the methods to guarantee the retirees’ legal security and recreation”

“Organization, protesting and strikes are our rights”

“Teachers don’t belong in prison”


Retirees from across Iran protesting in Tehran

Retirees from across Iran protesting in Tehran


In Bushehr, southern Iran, retirees of the past four years from the city’s Medical School rallied outside the university’s main gate on Tuesday, seeking answers to their demands and their retirement pensions.

Kermanshah, western Iran


Tehran – Alame Tabatabaie University

Tehran – Alame Tabatabaie University


Contract workers of the Polymer petrochemical factory in Kermanshah, western Iran, were protesting low paychecks and pensions. These workers were on strike on Tuesday.


In Tehran, students of the Alame Tabatabaie University rallied on Tuesday and were chanting the following slogans:

“Proud college students, support, support”

“We don’t want spectators, join our ranks”

“We condemn gender segregation”

Bueen Zahra, Qazvin Province, northwest Iran


Employees of the Ariyan Steel Co. in the town of Bueen Zahra of Qazvin Province, located in northwest Iran, rallied outside the mayor’s office in support of the Haft Tapeh sugar cane mill employees and National Steel Group employees who are protesting & on strike in Ahvaz, southwest Iran.

Tehran – Municipality workers protesting & demanding their delayed paychecks


Contract municipality workers in Tehran held a rally on Tuesday protesting their delayed paychecks. Gathering outside the City Council building, they held a variety of banners and one specifically reading:

“I myself will overthrow the entire state of [corruption] & bribes”


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