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Khamenei’s fears of growing unrest and opposition in Iran

Iran regime supreme leader, Ali Khamenei
Iran regime supreme leader, Ali Khamenei

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


April 12, 2019During a meeting with members and associates of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), and in reaction to the U.S. State Department designating this entity as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei voiced his concerns over growing unrest that could very well lead to an uprising in Iran. The IRGC should remain high alert on the streets in cities and towns.

“The IRGC is an outstanding force in the country. Whether from outside the country, or cities and towns inside the country, the IRGC is on the front lines fighting the enemy,” Khamenei said.

The mullahs’ supreme leader is terrified of escalating social dissent from the scales of the flood disasters and unimaginable increase in the cost of living that could turn into an all-out uprisings bringing down the regime in its entirety.

“You look at the price increase of such an item in the market, it is normal for these things to happen. Part of it is unintentional, part from inexperience, and also part due to the enemy’s evilness. These factors would join hands to suddenly increase the price of goods in the market,” he said.

Khamenei also sought to prop up the moral of IRGC forces, growing terrified of the increasing social hatred and anger.

“Well, we are a population of 80 million. From this 80+ million, some are kids and youth, some are, well, kind of dissidents that oppose the system. But a sufficient number of people are standing strong behind you,” he said.

On the night of the IRGC designation as a terrorist entity, Khamenei, addressing IRGC members and their associates, backed away from his previous bullying about the so called country’s nuclear energy (read clandestine bomb making effort) and missile program.

“We have forbidden the atom bomb. But these idiots keep raising the atom bomb issue before they acknowledge that we have said that we do not seek it. It is against our religious basis, against our teachings… Do you think that the clout and the power that the Islamic Republic has mustered has been due to nuclear bomb? Or is it from our advancement in enriching Uranium? Not at all,” he added.

Engulfed in the whirlpool of controversial comments made after learning the IRGC’s FTO blacklisting, and calling American officials as “Satan” and “stupid”, the mullahs’ supreme leader went on to say, “Now, we keep on calling them stupid and unwise, evil and so on… This won’t solve any problems. The right solution comes when we know what we are doing.”












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