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Iraq: Protests against parties & groups affiliated to Iran’s regime

Hundreds of Iraqis resumed protests on Saturday
Hundreds of Iraqis resumed protests on Saturday

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


July 14, 2018 - People across Iraq in the provinces of Basra, Najaf, Maysan, Ziqar, Alqadesiyeh, Karbala, and Babel are demonstrating and protesting political parties and groups associated with the Iranian regime.

Protesters have been attacking their offices in several cities.

In Al Amare of Maysan Province in southern Iraq, protesters specifically attacked the Dawa Party offices, associated to former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki known for his very close relations to Tehran.

In Nasiriyah of Ziqar Province, demonstrators were heard chanting against the Iranian regime’s meddling in their country.

Today (Saturday) marks the fifth day of their consecutive and ongoing protests.



The Iraqi people are also protesting poor services and utilities, parallel to long electricity outages as the summer heat in this country reaches 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees F) in the city of Basra.

Some sources say the Iranian regime has cut-off its electricity exports to Iraq.

More than 80 percent of Iraq’s oil resources are located in the country’s south, especially in Basra Province.

The residents of this province are demanding the locals be hired while foreign companies stationed in Iraq are resorting to hiring foreigners.

On Friday the demonstrations were seen again in various parts of Basra Province and protesters blocked a road leading to the Um Al-Qasr port in southern part of the country. This is one of Iraq’s largest ports.

A number of sheikhs and other dignitaries in this province had issued threats on Thursday if their demands aren’t met by the government, they will expand their demands and demonstrations to border crossings, oil regions, and Basra’s ports.

This demonstration has been ongoing from early this week in this oil-rich province. Demonstrators were also seen blocking a nearby main road by setting tires on fire and attempting to take control over some government buildings.

Demonstrators were also seen blocking a nearby main road by setting tires on fire

Demonstrators were also seen blocking a nearby main road by setting tires on fire


In such conditions, Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar al-Loaibi issued a statement saying the demonstrators had attempted to take control over an oil field near Qarna and set several government buildings ablaze.

Iraq’s oil revenue make-up 89 percent of the country’s budget. This comes from 99 percent of the country’s oil being exported, while this sector only comprises of one percent of Iraq’s job opportunities. Foreign companies are hiring foreign workers in their projects.

60 percent of the youth unemployed in Iraq are under the age of 24. Unemployment among the country’s youth is twice of those other age range.