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Iran’s terror plot centers on Europe

Iranians in Germany call for the extradition of Iran diplomat terrorist to Belgium
Iranians in Germany call for the extradition of Iran diplomat terrorist to Belgium

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


July 15, 2018 - A terror plot blueprinted by the Iranian regime was fortunately foiled by Belgian authorities, according to the country’s Federal Intelligence and Security Agency, and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office. An Iranian-Belgian couple were arrested near Brussels while possessing 500 grams of highly dangerous explosives.

The target was a recent Iranian opposition convention held just outside of Paris where a large gathering of the Iranian Diaspora, joined by hundreds of international dignitaries, expressed their support for a free Iran and regime change in this country led by Maryam Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

Assadollah Assadi, a Vienna-based diplomat serving as the number three man in the Iranian regime’s embassy in Austria, was the couple’s “contact person” and arrested in Germany. He is also known to be a member of the regime’s notorious Intelligence Ministry.

Berlin is also raising charges as the government’s federal prosecutor accused Assadi on July 12 for conspiracy to commit murder.

Iran is known to have a history of eliminating dissidents on European soil. From the 1979 revolution onward, the Iranian regime is known to be related to at least 10 known terrorist attacks. Reports, including from the US State Department, go as far as accusing the Iranian regime of sponsoring such terrorist attacks.

Germany is no stranger to the Iranian regime’s terrorism and assassinations. A German court in 1997 issued an international arrest warrant for the then Iranian intelligence minister in regards to the assassination of Iran’s Kurdistan Democratic Party Secretary-General. This became known as the 1992 Mykonos murder case in Berlin.

Several Iranian opposition members have also fallen victim to the regime’s assassinations. On April 24th, 1990, Iran’s intel agents also killed Dr. Kazem Rajavi, the NCRI representative in Switzerland and to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva.

As we speak, the Iranian regime is under intense pressure domestically and from abroad. This makes such attacks all the more necessary, from the mullahs’ point of view.

Tehran considers the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as the main entity threatening its rule. Therefore, the Iranian regime is focusing efforts to target PMOI/MEK members now in Tirana, Albania. Two Iranians were arrested in this southeast European capital on charges of plotting terror attacks against the thousands of Iranian opposition members.

To carry out such plots the Iranian regime is using its embassies as cover to plan, organize and execute the terror attacks. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo highlighted this issue by warning Tehran that such actions will come with a “real high cost.”

While some European countries seek to further appease Iran’s regime, the Netherlands has taken a step in the right direction, expelling two Iranian embassy staffers (read diplomat-terrorists) as “persona non grata.”

France now has plans to extradite one suspect involved in the earlier mentioned bombing plot targeting the opposition convention.

Germany should move forward and respond positively to a Belgian extradition request for Assadi.

This, and meaningful economic sanctions targeting its belligerence are the language Iran’s regime understands. Otherwise, the world will, unfortunately, witness more Tehran-sponsored death & destruction.


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