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Iran’s repressive security forces attack, harass protesters

State security forces attacking protesters in Tehran, Iran – April 14, 2019
State security forces attacking protesters in Tehran, Iran – April 14, 2019


Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, April 15, 2019Iranian repressive security forces attacked a group of peaceful demonstrators on Sunday who had gathered in front of the district attorney’s office in the capital city Tehran protesting their looted money by the Thamen Financial Institute, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). The security forces beat and harassed protesters who were simply picketing and demanding their looted money returned. The authorities forced the peaceful protesters to leave the area.




However, the protesters continued to voice their demands despite being beaten and kicked by the security forces, including a police colonel who was ordering the force to attack. Women protesters were also seen being beaten by the security forces and some were also arrested.






Khomeini Airport Taxi drivers’ protest

Elsewhere in Tehran, airport taxi drivers were seen rallying outside the Tehran City Council. They were protesting the unjust increase in traffic fees obtained from taxis. Those taxi drivers say their vehicles are used for public transportation and not commercial purposes. Therefore, this fee should not include them and be deducted from their already very low salaries.



Tehran city contractors protest

A group of contractors working for the city of Tehran protested on Sunday, demanding their unpaid wages and fees.



Citroen and Cipa car buyers’ rally in Tehran

Citroen and Cipa car buyers gathered on Sunday in front of the regime’s Industry, Mines and Trade ministry in Tehran, protesting not receiving their cars despite placing their down payments for it. They were heard chanting, “Cipa is betraying the customers, and the minister is defending the company.”



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