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Six protest rallies reported in numerous cities across Iran

Clients of regime linked credit firms protesting outside the office of Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani – Tehran, Iran
Clients of regime linked credit firms protesting outside the office of Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani – Tehran, Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, July 31, 2019 - Protests by people from all walks of life are increasing across Iran.

In Tehran, clients of the Caspian credit firm – linked to the terrorist-designated Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) – rallied outside the office of Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani. The participants in this rally were protesting the lies and deceptive tactics of Rouhani’s cabinet members who claimed to have resolved a portion of the demands raised by the credit firm clients who are demanding their stolen money returned.

Iran- State-backed credit and financial institutions are plundering the Iranian people’s wealth. Iran’s credit institutions have dealt severe blows to the country’s economy, as these institutions have seized 25% of the country’s liquidity (over $40 billion).





Also in Tehran, families of the victims of a bus carrying students of Tehran’s Science and Research Center, who suffered a horrible crash back in late December 2018, rallied outside the regime’s public prosecutor’s office seeing into cases of regime officials. These grieving family members are demanding the accountability and punishment of regime officials, including head of the research center along with other officials and authorities involved in this tragic accident.

Members of Tehran’s Electricity Workers Union, who have purchased houses, rallied outside the local governorate office near the city of Hashtgerd in the Savojbolagh district of Alborz Province, west of Tehran.

In Bandar Abbas, a major port city in southern Iran, a number of railway workers rallied on Tuesday for the second straight day, launching a strike to protest paycheck delays. They also blocked the local rail tracks.

Rail workers of Nourabad in Shazand, Markazi Province in central Iran, also went on strike protesting paycheck delays.

Municipality workers in the town of Lali of the oil-rich Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran, continued their protest gathering demanding 12 months of delayed wages. They marched towards the city’s Friday prayer imam, known as representative of the Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Fearing the expansion of this protest gathering and locals joining their ranks, members of the repressive state police were sent to the scene to attack and disperse the protesters.