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State-run media chides quarreling Iranian officials for damaging regime “prestige”

Former heads of the Iranian regime's Judiciary Sadeq Larijani (left) and Mohammad Yazdi (right)
Former heads of the Iranian regime's Judiciary Sadeq Larijani (left) and Mohammad Yazdi (right)

Reporting by PMOI/MEK


Iran, August, 21, 2019–As infighting between factions of the Iranian regime escalates and the threat of new popular uprisings emerges, the regime’s media are futilely trying to urge rivals to quit fighting and preserve their unity.

In an article, the state-run Javan newspaper, which is affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), while referring to the recent tensions between former head of the Judiciary Sadeq Larijani and a famous hardliner mullah Mohammad Yazdi, wrote, “Use censorship circumvention tools to see how you’re liquidating the prestige of the establishment,” implying that dissident websites and foreign news sources and social media (which are all blocked in Iran) are discussing and mocking the intensifying disputes between regime officials.

“The country is in a bad economic situation, whether we blame this on the government’s incapability or international pressure or both. We shouldn’t forget that our people can’t bear another challenge. It is a pity, we advise former judiciary chiefs [Larijani and Yazdi], that instead of publicly asking one another ‘where did you get your money?’ to go through the legal procedures they know and trust the system they chaired for over a decade! You could settle personal disputes secretly,” Javan added. 

“When you’re done writing harsh public letters against one another and giving baseless radical speeches, you will feel that you were affected by the media. Lift your head up and see the bigger picture, take a look at the satellite anti-state channels, go look at filtered social media via censorship circumvention tools, and see for yourself how your actions have damaged our state’s dignity that Imam [Khomeini, regime’s founder] earned; see how the enemy uses your words to attack us and enthusiastically and call your arguments infighting,” the report added.