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Iran: Truck drivers protesting in Tehran & at least five other cities

Many drivers on strike across Iran
Many drivers on strike across Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Sep. 3, 2018 - Truck drivers across various cities throughout Iran are on strike, protesting low wages and skyrocketing prices of spare parts. This is yet another round of such protests in Iran and has always delivered crushing blows to the mullahs’ apparatus.

In Zarrinshahr a protest rally was held by the truckers who parked their vehicles at the loading station.

Zarrinshahr truckers on strike – Iran

Zarrinshahr truckers on strike – Iran


On Saturday, intelligence operatives were reported to have threatened the truck drivers, saying they have no right to even leave their own houses.

Intelligence and plainclothes agents were enforcing enormous pressure on truck drivers at the city’s loading station, threatening them in their attempt to prevent another strike by the drivers.

Truck drivers in the city of Shapour near Isfahan went on strike on Sunday and held a rally after parking all their vehicles. These drivers are protesting low wages and increasingly expensive spare parts.



On Saturday, drivers from a variety of cities across Iran were seen protesting and staging a coordinated strike.

Truck drivers in Tehran’s Nasim loading station, and in the cities of Gorgan and Mehran, all also launched their strike. These drivers were protesting and on strike in response to a call placed by the Drivers’ Coordinating Union.

In Tehran, drivers parked their vehicles and refused to accept any new loads.

In Gorgan, the drivers blocked a highway with their vehicles and held a protest rally.



Transit drivers in Mehran, a city in southwest Iran bordering Iraq, refused to transfer their loads to Iraqi drivers and held a protest rally in a local loading station.

Truck drivers in the western city of Sarpol Zahab went on strike and parked their vehicles, protesting low wages and regime officials’ refusal to provide solutions to their issues.

Reports from the city of Sarakhs in northeast Iran indicate the loading station is closed and transit drivers were on strike. This strike is in response to officials’ refusal to address the truck drivers’ demands and their problems remaining unresolved.

Following the truck drivers’ strike and a severe shortage of fuel in various parts of Sistan & Baluchistan Province in southeast Iran, on Saturday vehicles were seen forming long ques at gas stations in the city of Saravan.

This shows the powerful impact of truck drivers’ strike on the mullahs’ regime.



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