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Iran terrorist diplomat carried explosive material inside Austrian airline

The highly explosive material was transferred to Austria via an Austrian plane by Assadi
The highly explosive material was transferred to Austria via an Austrian plane by Assadi

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 26, 2019The Arabic language Independent newspaper published a detailed report on Tuesday about the Iranian regime’s terrorist plot against the Iranian opposition rally in Paris last year. The newspaper unveiled the details of how the explosive material originated in Iran and was transferred to a couple in Europe. According to the report, the material, the highly explosive TATP, was transferred from Tehran to Austria via an Austrian commercial passenger plane to be delivered to the couple missioned to execute the terrorist attack at a rally outside Paris, where tens of thousands of civilians and hundreds of current and former American and European VIPs were attending. The plot was later thwarted by European authorities.

Details of this plot date back to 2018 when Tehran had plotted the criminal terrorist attack against the Paris gathering way in advance, the report adds. Assadollah Assadi, an agent of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), who had been working in Iran’s embassy in Austria since 2014, was tasked to supervise the entire operation.

The plot was neutralized by a combined effort of Belgian, French and German authorities after they identified an Iranian couple tasked to carry the explosives into the auditorium and execute the attack. The police arrested the couple while the explosive material was inside their car.

Assadi left Austria for Tehran on June 20, 2018, to receive half a kilogram of the highly explosive TATP and transfer it to Austria via the Austrian airline flight OS872 from Tehran to Vienna, according to the Independent report. The material was placed in a diplomatic suitcase to be carried by an Airbus A320. There were 240 passengers on the plane.