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Iran’s November uprising echoes across the world

Supporters of Iranian opposition group MEK gather in Paris to support Iran protests in Nov 2019
Supporters of Iranian opposition group MEK gather in Paris to support Iran protests in Nov 2019

Iran, December 16, 2019—On the morrow of the protests that erupted across Iran on November 15, Iranians in dozens of cities across the globe, in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia poured to the streets to support their compatriots who had risen to overthrow the brutal dictatorship ruling their country. These are Iranians who, despite years of living in exile, have never forgotten their homeland and their hearts beat for Iran, for the thousands of political prisoners who were executed by the regime and the millions who are living in tyranny.

Today, their hearts beat for the thousands of arrested protesters who are being tortured in Iran’s prisons, and the more than 1,500 youth who have been murdered by the regime’s security forces in recent weeks in Shiraz, Behbehan, Shahriar, Karaj, Mahshar and dozens of other cities.

These freedom-loving supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) are the voice of the voiceless, their impoverished compatriots who are living in the slums on the margins of big cities. The Iranian exiles made the public aware of the crimes that were happening in Iran and forced politicians to put aside their economic and political interests and condemn the Iranian regime’s brutality toward the protesters.

The fear we’re seeing among Iranian officials from the potential consequences of the crimes they have committed is in no small amount due to the efforts of MEK supporters who have been exposing the regime’s brutality at the international level.

Iranian people in exile honor the memory of martyrs killed during Iran protests in Nov 2019

Iranian people in exile honor the memory of martyrs killed during Iran protests in Nov 2019


The constant presence of MEK supporters

While the rallies and demonstrations of MEK supporters in solidarity with the uprisings of the Iranian people is one of their most glorious moves, yet it is not the first time that they raise their voice in support of their compatriots. In the past four decades, these Iranians have been always present in the streets of cities across the world, in the heat of the summer and cold of winter, raising their voice in support of the people of Iran, the child laborers, the missing girls, the oppressed women, and the unpaid workers.

Thanks to the great efforts of this organized network of Iranian activists, the Iranian regime has found itself in international isolation today and is constantly being condemned for its human rights violations.

This time around, when protests spread to more than 190 cities across Iran, the supporters of the MEK were there to make sure the martyrs of the November uprising, those who laid down their lives to free their country, would not be forgotten. They carried their names and pictures in dozens of rallies across the globe.

A deeply rooted tradition of resistance

The MEK can be likened to a big tree. The roots of this tree are in Ashraf 3, Albania, where thousands of MEK members reside. The bole of this tree is in the heart of Iran, in every city and town, where Iranian resistance units are challenging the regime, and in the dungeons of the regime, where Iranian political prisoners are setting examples of resistance. And the branches of this tree are spread across the world, where MEK supporters are spreading the message of freedom in Iran.

Many people first became acquainted with the Iranian opposition through these MEK supporters, who have been restlessly holding rallies in different cities in support of the cause of freedom in Iran. Throughout its history, the Iranian resistance has relied on the all-out support of these selfless supporters, both inside Iran and across the world, to maintain its independence and stay true to its course.

Today, the inevitable victory of the Iranian people against the tyranny of the mullahs can be seen and heard in the faces and voices of their supporters across the world.