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Iran’s regime still evades declaring how many protesters security forces killed in November

Iranian security forces killed 1,500 civilians during protests that erupted in November 2019 after a sudden fuel price hike
Iranian security forces killed 1,500 civilians during protests that erupted in November 2019 after a sudden fuel price hike

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, March 8, 2020—Despite five months having passed from the bloody suppression of Iran’s November protests by the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), the regime still hasn’t announced the official number of victims.

Reports indicates that during protests in November, security forces opened fire on protesters in the street and killed more than 1,500 civilians in the span of a few days. More than 10,000 people were arrested; several have died under torture. The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) has gathered and published the names of 755 victims.

The protests started on November 15 over the tripling of fuel prices and soon became about regime change. These protests are an outburst of rage at the regime in its entirety and a manifestation of a feeling of resent toward the tyranny that has been ruling Iran for 41 years.

The state-run website Fararu reported on Thursday March 5: “In November the gasoline price hike hit the impoverished and marginalized segments of the society, and the lack of prospects for the improvement of the situation brought them out in the streets. The price for this protest is still not yet clear. The government and the coroner’s office have still not announced the number of deaths and throw the ball in each other’s court! A bit later, the shooting down of the Ukrainian airplane happened and after three days, it turned out that our own armed forces fired at the plane. This interval, an early denial and then acceptance of responsibility, angered the middle class and caused few days of unrests in Tehran. Disqualification of the candidates of parliamentary election was the coup de grace to public trust. The poor participation of people of Tehran and other cities in the election showed that the system and the people have reached the maximum distance.

“The corona epidemic reached Iran and drove a wedge into the cracks and fissures. The first problem is people’s distrust toward officials. Officials are not willing to provide real statistics (on the deaths) to people and maybe the public fear could trigger destructive and blind moves under the shadow of this mistrust. No one looks after prisoners, soldiers, public service workers (such as construction workers, drivers and municipality workers) and the most painful, the working children, women (in the street) and addicts, and there are no plans for them ... For street children, who are looking in garbage cans and the leftovers of the upper classes in hopes of finding a bite to eat... what is the plan?”

The killing of protesters in Iran has caused outrage across the world. In its latest report, Amnesty International said that at least 23 children were murdered by the Iranian regime’s security forces during the November 2019 uprising.

“In recent months an increasingly gruesome picture has emerged of the extent to which Iranian security forces unlawfully used lethal force to crush last year’s nationwide protests,” Philip Luther, Amnesty’s Research and Advocacy Director for the Middle East and North Africa, said. “However, it is still devastating to learn that the number of children who fell victim to this brutality is so shockingly high.”

Luther also said, “As if the loss of their loved ones was not cruel enough an experience to bear, families of children killed during the protests are facing a ruthless campaign of harassment to intimidate them from speaking out.”

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the National Council of the Resistance of Iran (NCRI), announced on Friday: “The mullahs’ criminal conduct in the Coronavirus incident is the other side of its massacre of protesters during the uprising in November. When their rule is in danger, they have no mercy on anyone. The images of children who were killed by Revolutionary Guards have wounded the conscience of humanity.”

“The religious fascism ruling Iran is struggling with all its power to prevent the disclosure of the number of those killed during the uprising in November,” Mrs. Rajavi continued.

Mrs. Rajavi called on all Iranians to fight mullahs hiding and secrecy about the number of deaths and victims and said, “At this point, I would like to urge my compatriots, all the bereaved mothers, all relatives, friends and comrades of the martyrs of the uprising in November, to announce the names of these martyrs through any means possible and inform the international human rights organizations.”