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Iran: Protests held by credit firm clients & retirees in Tehran

Retired bank employees rallying in Tehran, Iran
Retired bank employees rallying in Tehran, Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Oct. 27, 2018 - Numerous retired bank employees from cities across Iran rallied in Tehran Saturday morning to protest their low pensions. This gathering was held outside the Banks Retiree Fund office.

“Our pensions are far below the poverty line,” they were chanting.

“We retired bank employees, in our senior ages, are facing many difficulties. Seeking answers to our demands of having our pensions increased is now added to that,” one protester said, adding conditions have become so poor that the low pensions they receive – a little over 10 million rials (around $110) – does not provide for their needs. The bank retirees’ main concerns are the huge rift between what they receive and the poverty line, especially considering the country’s skyrocketing inflation.

Also in Tehran, clients of the Talaye Thamen credit company rallied on Saturday, demanding their stolen savings returned. In one banner, protesters were demanding the prosecution of figures in the Gold Union and Ministry of Industry.

Clients of the Talaye Thaman credit company protesting in Tehran

Clients of the Talaye Thaman credit company protesting in Tehran


Iran is witnessing a series of new protests

On Friday morning, farmers of the town of Jozdan, near Najaf Abad, central Iran, held a rally protesting authorities not responding to their demands. They parked their tractors in the town’s main road in a sign of their anger and protest.

In Karaj, a number of street vendors held a march on Thursday afternoon, protesting police brutality and authorities rounding up their goods. They were chanting, “Death to IRGC Basij members.”

State police at the scene began attacking anyone taking footage of the march, arresting them and in some cases confiscating their mobile phones to erase any such images and videos.

On Thursday, clients of the Padideh credit firm held a rally outside the provincial office in Mashhad, northeast Iran, demanding their stolen savings returned. Fearing more people would join this rally, state police attacked and eventually arrested a number of the protesters. People at the scene began protesting such repressive measures by the police.