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Iran’s situation after the November uprising

The representatives of the Iranian regime supreme leader express fear of regime change in Iran
The representatives of the Iranian regime supreme leader express fear of regime change in Iran

Iran, December 21, 2019Reviewing Iran’s events after the November 2019 uprising can lead us to two different points of view. The first point of view, widely advertised by the mullahs’ propaganda machine, is that the regime could handle the situation and continue its rule like before. However, a deeper analysis sheds some much-needed light on the major changes that have taken place in the post-uprising days.

The mullahs’ unprecedented fear from being overthrown indicates that the situation of Iran’s society has passed the point of no return. Now, many regime officials are warning about the close end of the regime.

On December 20, Mohammad Bagher Farzaneh, the representative of the Iranian regime’s supreme leader in Mashhad, revealed his fear in his Friday prayer sermon, saying, “The people’s outrage is hidden … and no one can stop them if this outrage explodes!... The closest accident was in November… If we ignore people’s situation, … they will flay us, eat our bodies, break our bones ... It is dangerous!

Ali Khamenei’s representative in Tehran also warned the regime’s officials. “We must be careful, be careful about the time, about problems… What are we doing? Are we slept or awake? It seems we cannot understand our enemies’ plans!” Mohammad Emami Kashani said on Friday.

On the same day in Shiraz, one of the hotbeds of the November uprising where the people seized control of the city for over a day, Khamenei’s representative Abolfazl Razavi Ardakani mentioned the regime’s lack of popular basis in the society. Razavi Ardakani stated, “Overthrow has been always a threat to the regime since day one.”

Moreover, regime analyst Abbas Abdi described Iran’s situation after the November uprising as a major difference. “These incidents [November uprising] is a major turning point and we can no longer define Iran’s society, the relations between forces as we did before. Therefore, a very important incident has occurred that cannot be compared with incidents in 2018 and 2009.”

Now the Iranian people are fed up with 40 years of dictatorship. The poverty rate in Iran’s society is skyrocketing due to the mullahs’ corruption and plundering the national wealth, pushing “40-45 of the urban population under the extreme poverty line.” (Arman state-run newspaper, December 18)

While the Iranian people are preparing for further uprisings against the regime, the regime’s authorities cannot offer any solution for preventing the next storms and compare Iran’s conditions to a time bomb.

The flipside of the coin of the regime’s terror of the uprisings is the organized opposition that is able to organize and lead these protests. “Be careful! The sedition is not over! PMOI/MEK is behind this sedition,” the Iranian regime’s former Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi warned on December 14.

Despite such brutality and ruthlessness, Khamenei is having nightmares over the regime’s downfall. He knows well that the volcano of rage and fury which flared in this uprising all across Iran is moving towards his headquarters,” Maryam Rajavi stated on December the 2nd.