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Iran protests continue Sunday in new cities

Protests & strikes reported in numerous cities across Iran
Protests & strikes reported in numerous cities across Iran

Reported by MPOI/MEK


Iran, August 5, 2018 - Tehran and a number of other cities including Kazerun, Bandar Abass, Isfahan, Abhar, Shush and Qazvin have been scenes of strikes and protests on Saturday and Sunday.

In Tehran, people and especially the youth are on attack and retreat with the repressive anti-riot forces. They also set fire to the trash bins in Enghelab Blvd in order to confront the security forces.



Locals in Bandar Abbas, Iran’s main port city in the south, rallied outside the state TV/radio station chanting anti-regime slogans. During the past three nights, the protesters rallied outside the city’s main bazaar and held night demonstrations.

In Isfahan, the home appliance market saw store-owners close their stores for the second consecutive day. The store-owners are protesting poor living conditions, high prices and slow sales in the market.

The brave youths of Abhar demonstrated on Saturday parallel to other cities’ protests, chanting anti-regime slogans. The cities of Tehran, Karaj, Qom, and Shiraz were the scene of major rallies on Saturday night.

Employees of the Khuzestan Sugar Cane Co. in the city of Haft Tappeh held a protest rally on Sunday for the third consecutive day. Holding their protest outside the company manager’s office these employees were demanding due paychecks and other pensions.



Protests held by railway employees has been increasing recently. Numbering at around 7,000, these employees are saying the technical personnel of the Abniye railway, along with employees from Hormozgan, the Abu Moslem station and others are all seeking answers to their long states demands.



Hormozgan – Railway workers on strike

Hormozgan – Railway workers on strike


In Qazvin, truck drivers held their strike at the city loading terminal. This nationwide strike has continued for 14 consecutive days now and spread to more than 140 different cities in all of Iran’s 31 provinces.


Aug 5-Kazeroon, Iran, protesters chant anti-regime slogans in Shohada St

Aug 5-Kazerun, Iran, protesters chant anti-regime slogans in Shohada St


2200 CET - An MEK activist who was at the protest in Tehran said, “Soon after the people gathered in South Karegar Street, security forces arrived and attacked the protesters. However, the people bravely fought off the security forces. They set fire on the trash bins and continued their protest. From now on, protesters will answer the savage forces of the Islamic Republic in kind, fist with fist, fire with fire, attack with attack.”


2100 CET – Sunday marked the sixth consecutive day that people in different Iranian cities staged protests against the government. Protests have been reported in Tehran and Kazerun.


In Kazerun, the people are chanting slogans against inflation and high prices and are urging thei fellow citizens to join the protests. Their also shouting “Reformists, principalists, the game is over,” rejecting both rivaling factions within the Iranian regime. Kazerun is the latest city to join the protest. The city has seen unrests in recent months, especially in May, when protest over municipal divisions led to clashes between the people and security forces.


In Tehran, protesters gathered in Theatr-e Shahr again to protest against the regime. In Enghelab Street, protesters are clashing with security forces and have set fires on trash bins in the middle of the street. There are also protests in South Karegar street.