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Iran: Protester murdered by IRGC laid to rest in Tehran

Reza Otadi was killed by IRGC units in Karaj, west of Tehran
Reza Otadi was killed by IRGC units in Karaj, west of Tehran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, August 7, 2018 - The body of Reza Otadi, the 23-year old protester murdered by Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) units in Karaj during major anti-regime protests, was laid to rest on Monday in Tehran’s famous Beheshte Zahra Cemetery.



IRGC members were on a roof-top when they opened fire and gunned down Otadi on Friday night.

A number of family members, friends and bazaar merchants from Karaj and Tehran took part in this ceremony.

Prior to the service, Iranian regime authorities had ordered the family to bury Reza’s body in the section where the regime’s various war casualties are buried. As the ceremony was proceeding the family was suddenly told Reza is not considered a war casualty and must be buried in another location next to his mother.

The Iranian regime’s repressive and intelligence apparatus is known to harass Iranians families through such methods, especially during their time of grief.

The regime’s plainclothes and intelligence agents were stationed in the ceremony area, pressuring the family to wrap up their gathering as soon as possible.

On the night when Reza was murdered the regime’s IRGC posted the following:

“One individual in Karaj was gunned down and killed by unknown individuals during the recent unrest. 20 other rioters were arrested. During the Dec 2018 and Jan 2018 unrest, a number of armed individuals linked to various grouplets were arrested by the security apparatus.”

In a completely ridiculous manner, the Iranian regime has gone as far as claiming Reza Otadi was killed by the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

The PMOI/MEK responded to the regime’s bogus claims aimed at fleeing from any accountability over the murder of Reza Otadi:

“These lies are no surprise from a regime that associates the arrest of its own diplomat with a bomb to the PMOI/MEK. This same regime had claimed the Dec/Jan uprising martyrs had committed suicide or the protesters killed their own ranks.
“Lies and deception will no longer be effective and the Iranian regime must be held accountable for all its bloodshed.”