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Iran: Pars Tire Co. retirees protesting damaging policies

Saveh – Protest gathering by Pars Tire Co. retirees
Saveh – Protest gathering by Pars Tire Co. retirees

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Nov. 26, 2018 - A group of Pars Tire Company retirees in the city of Saveh, northern Iran, rallied on Monday outside the firm’s main branch. This factory is situated in the Kaveh Industrial Complex located 10 kilometers from the city of Saveh.

This company once had around 2,500 employees, according to the regime’s own officials. Due to the mullahs’ destructive policies, however, the country’s industries have literally been destroyed and many workers across the country have lost their jobs. The number of workers in this company has now dropped to around 750.

This formerly state-owned company was handed over to regime-linked mafia groups under the pretext of privatization policy, resulting in protests by the workers last year and more rallies this year.

A year ago, in November 2017, the Pars Tire Co. employees went on strike for more than two weeks. On May 13 of this year, these workers rallied outside the company’s administrative office and protested the officials’ plot to hand over this company to the so-called private sector and not agreeing to transfer it in the form of stocks to the workers.

On August 20, these workers held another rally protesting these so-called privatization plans.

In an interview with the state-run ILNA news agency, Khosrow Kiumarsi, a member of the Pars Tires Company Council, discussed the possibility of this company being handed over in a matter of days. He also explained the workers are extremely concerned in this regard, voicing numerous concerns over this subject.

One official working in the regime’s so-called Labor House in the city of Saveh said in this regard, “They must not relinquish control over the factories overnight under the pretext of privatization measures. There shouldn’t be any permissions provided for officials’ children and individuals recently entering the market to simply take over the factories.”

This so-called privatization issue has reached the regime’s Majlis (parliament).

“Our efforts to resolve the problems of the Haft Tapeh sugar cane mill workers in Shush has been fruitless. We have destroyed the country with this type of privatization,” said Alireza Mahboub, a Majlis member and head of the Labor House, in an interview with the state-run Tabnak website published on November 23.

“Our hand-over laws are blueprinted to provide the utmost profits. Haft Tapeh is just one of the many thousands of other examples you are hearing about. I can provide a list of 2,000 such hand-overs, all over pouring with major problems, and sooner or later they will cause serious issues for the (government),” he added.


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