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Reports of new protests in Iran

Substitute teachers rallying in Isfahan for their rights
Substitute teachers rallying in Isfahan for their rights

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, August 1, 2020—A number of substitute teachers in the city of Isfahan, central Iran, rallied on Friday, July 31, protesting local officials’ refusal to hire them based on permanent contracts. This gathering was held outside the office of the Majlis (parliament) representative.



“Not only do they refuse to provide our paychecks on time, they don’t even agree to a specific timetable in this regard. We also do not have any insurance during the summer season,” one man said.

“The contracts that they sign are just words without any particular meanings. It’s written, ‘I have received my paycheck in full,’ and you have to provide fingerprints. However, I haven’t received my paycheck. And if I don’t sign, they simply lay you off,” one lady said.

“They hired us when they needed us. Now they’re making excuses and saying we never worked well. Why didn’t they say anything before? And if we are good employees, they should provide us decent contracts,” another lady said.

“If I’m here today its only because of my poor living standards. I need the money. Otherwise they haven’t had anything to say for years and never complained about our work,” another teacher said.

In Bushehr province, southern Iran, a group of locals from the towns of Dashti and Tangestan rallied on Thursday protesting the renewed work of a limestone mine near a historical site and the largest sweet water well in their area.

Residents of this area marched alongside the historical site and the well, held a gathering and made an announcement saying those who are plundering the nearby mine are conducting construction projects in this area for their own benefits. This will result in the destruction of the historical site and dry up the sweet water well that provides for the locals.

“We have four water wells here. They’re all here. Where will our livestock go other than this place for their water? Those who authorized these projects, did you not think of our livestock? I went to the Water Organization and they denied providing any authority yesterday. If the Water Organization has not authorized it, why don’t they voice any protests? We’re here to defend this site, to defend what is right,” one local said.

Alongside popular protests over dire economic conditions, Iran’s inflation is also skyrocketing due to the mullahs’ destructive policies.

Professor Steve Hanke of Johns Hopkins University in the United States said the Iranian regime’s official 26 percent inflation rate is a lie and Iran’s accurate inflation rate stands at 98 percent.