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Iran's regime executes 8 prisoners in Gohardasht Prison

Death Penalty, a common punishment in Iran
Death Penalty, a common punishment in Iran

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, August 30, 2019–On Thursday, Iranian authorities executed eight prisoners in Gohardasht prison, Karaj. The names of the executed prisoners are as follows:

  • Manuchehr Dehghani
  • Alireza Behrad
  • Ebrahim Yarmut Oghli
  • Ahmad Ghareh Balaei
  • Reza Mousavi Borghani
  • Alireza Araei
  • Mirzaei
  • Siavosh Inanlu

These prisoners had been transferred to solitary confinement earlier this week to await their sentencing. During the same week, the regime also executed Hamidreza Derakhshan, a citizen of Kazerun, who had killed the city's Friday prayer leader in frustration of corruption of the regime.

The Iranian regime also continues to dole out brutal corporal punishment sentences for minor crimes. On Thursday, Iranian authorities sentenced two people to two years in prison and 74 lashes each.

The regime also sentenced nine activists to a collective 50 years in prison on Thursday. The prisoners had been arrested during the nationwide protests that shook Iran in 2017-2018. The prisoners were sentenced on bogus charges of acting against the regime's "national security" and "propaganda against the regime."