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To cover its mismanagement, Iran’s regime blames the people for COVID-19 outbreak

To cover its mismanagement, Iran’s regime blames the people for COVID-19 outbreak
To cover its mismanagement, Iran’s regime blames the people for COVID-19 outbreak

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, May 26, 2020—When the Iranian regime canceled the coronavirus quarantine to restart production and reopen the economy, it was evident that a catastrophe and a horrible massacre was on the way. And the regime’s leaders were not unaware of the possible results and deliberately chose this path. Ali Khamenei, the regime’s supreme leader, had explicitly stated that production must resume at any cost.

This ill-fated decision has caused the coronavirus to spread across the country once again. The scale of the catastrophe is so great that, despite all efforts to censor the truth and cover up the facts, the regime is unable to cover up the tragedy. Provincial officials and even health ministry officials inevitably acknowledged the rising of coronavirus deaths in various provinces of the country:

  • Deputy Minister of Health Iraj Haririchi announced a "200 to 300 percent increase in the number of patients in Dezful."
  • The spokesman of Ahwaz Jondishapur University of Medical Sciences announced: “The total number of corona patients in the province has increased to 10,419.”
  • The president of Zanjan University of Medical Sciences announced that a growing number of people in Zanjan province are contracting the virus.
  • The head of North Khorasan University of Medical Sciences said that as of May 24, the number of people infected with corona disease in the province had reached 2,000.
  • Fars News Agency, run by the terrorist-designated Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), reported "an unprecedented increase in the number of coronavirus patients in the south of Kerman province and Jiroft county in the past few days" and wrote: “The spokesperson of the health ministry has declared the situation in this area as critical… the statistics in the past few days is two or three times what we’ve seen in the past .”

But despite this catastrophic situation, the regime continues to reopen public places and lift restrictions. On the one hand, all the jobs that are considered risky will be reopened by Tuesday, May 26, and on the other hand, the doors of the shrines of Imam Reza, Hazrat Masoumeh and Hazrat Abdolazim and also the doors of Jamkaran Mosque are also going to be reopened on Tuesday.

These measures have been carried out at the insistence of the criminal mullahs and their leader, Khamenei, who have a vested interest in reopening to resume their profit-making activities. Mohammad Saeidi, the caretaker of Hazrat Masoumeh shrine in Qom pointed to Khamenei's role in reopening the shrines and said: "We thank Khamenei for notifying the authorities to reopen these shrines."

Rouhani blames the people for its own shortcomings

Interestingly, regime President Hassan Rouhani, who for weeks claimed the novel coronavirus illness is about to be contained, is now acknowledging that conditions in various provinces and cities are very critical. In a continuation of his lies Rouhani once again placed the blame on the Iranian people despite the fact that he himself and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei ordered people back to work.

Rouhani said: “The people of these provinces and cities… if they do not follow the rules and regulations of health, we may have to restore some restrictions.” In a telephone call with the governor of Khuzestan, Rouhani, while pointing to the terrible outbreak of the disease in the province, called for educating people and providing extensive information and the need to explain instructions and intensify care, as if it is the people’s lack of awareness and education that has led to the resurgence of the outbreak.

In this regard, even the regime’s official news agency IRNA reported, “The tough economic conditions forced us to neglect social distancing rules, and under the pretext of smart distancing, we created the grounds for the spread of the epidemic. We don’t have any cure or standard measures for the patients and our medical staff have been wearied under the extreme pressure of their jobs.”

Previously, in justifying of returning people back to work, Rouhani said that if two or three million people die from coronavirus, it would be better than 30 million hungry people to take to the streets.

Regarding Rouhani’s incrimination of the defenseless people of Iran, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) reiterated that blaming the people for their failures is the known method of the criminal mullahs, who are the main culprits of death and destruction in Iran.