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Iran coronavirus update: Over 199,300 deaths, officials worry over “red areas” in northern Iran

The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has taken the lives of over 199,300 people throughout Iran, according to the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK
The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has taken the lives of over 199,300 people throughout Iran, according to the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, January 9, 2021—Over 199,300 people have died of the novel coronavirus in 478 cities checkered across all of Iran’s 31 provinces, according to reports tallied by the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as of Saturday afternoon local time, January 9. The official death toll declared by the regime stands at 56,100 around a third of the actual figure.

The coronavirus death toll in various provinces include: 48,771 in Tehran, 13,515 in Razavi Khorasan, 12,470 in Isfahan, 7775 in Qom, 7727 in Mazandaran, 7597 in East Azarbaijan, 7066 in Gilan, 6078 in Fars, 5185 in Alborz, 4970 in Golestan, 4396 in Kerman, 4118 in Markazi (Central), 2975 in Semnan, 2100 in Zanjan, and 2087 in Qazvin. This is in addition to reports obtained from other provinces.

Infographic-PMOI/MEK reports over 199,300 coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths in Iran

Infographic-PMOI/MEK reports over 199,300 coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths in Iran


“Mazandaran province is one of the areas where we have the highest number of cases. Golestan and Gilan provinces also need careful care,” said Alireza Raisi, spokesperson of the National Covid-19 Task Force, on Saturday. “We have seven red, 30 orange, 411 yellow cites across the country. The seven red cities include the five cities of Amol, Sari, Fereydounkenar, Qaemshahr and Neka in Mazandaran province. The cities of Bandar-e Gaz and Kordkuy in Golestan province are also considered red zones,” he added, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency.

“Air pollution and dangerous particles in the air increase the Covid-19 death rate and result in coronavirus having a longer lifespan in such an environment,” said Alireza Zali, head of the Tehran Covid-19 Task Force on Saturday. “Furthermore, with an increase in air pollution, people with acute breathing disorders become far more vulnerable in the face of Covid-19,” he added, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency.

“The number of people hospitalized for coronavirus in Mazandaran province stands at 1279, of which 265 are in ICUs,” according to a report issued by the Mazandaran and Babol Medical Sciences universities, as reported on Saturday by the semi-official ISNA news agency.

“During the past 24 hours we have identified 255 confirmed cases of coronavirus across West Azarbaijan province. Currently we have 416 such patients hospitalized, of which 164 are in ICUs,” said the dean of West Azerbaijan Medical Sciences University on Friday, according to the IMNA news agency.



Following remarks made yesterday by regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei banning the import of vaccines from the US, UK and France, on Saturday regime President Hassan Rouhani followed suit and showed his support for this criminal policy. “There were vaccines available for us to import earlier. However, those were vaccines that they wanted to check on our people! There were some companies that suggested to us and our Health Ministry rightfully did not accept their proposal,” Rouhani claimed. “Some countries did accept under certain conditions. That is not something we would like to talk about… One of the people’s demands is that we provide the vaccine at their disposal as soon as possible. This must be a vaccine that can be trusted, and the Health Ministry will clarify this for us. We may be able to produce a vaccine domestically… and to import a reliable vaccine from abroad… it will take time if we wish to vaccinate 60 million people,” he continued.

Khamenei’s remarks on banning any vaccines from the US and UK must be implemented,” said the head of the regime’s Majlis (parliament) Health Commission on Saturday. “Vaccines and medicines can be altered. This is possible and we don’t trust Americans and British in this regard,” this official added, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency.

“How are to import 150,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine? The Majlis does not agree with importing this vaccine,” said an MP from Tehran on Friday. “Logically there should be no vaccines imported from the US and UK since it has been proven that their vaccine does not work,” the MP concluded, according to the Majlis website.

Seventy percent of the Iranian people need to be vaccinated in order to break the chain reaction of the Covid-19 transmission, according to a lung, asthma, and allergy expert in Kurdistan province, western Iran. “The European vaccine has surpassed numerous testing phases on animals and human beings, and it was made clear that they are reliable and have lesser side-effects,” the expert said on Saturday, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency.

Following Khamenei’s remarks, the import of 150,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine from the U.S. is cancelled, according to the regime’s Red Crescent spokesperson on Friday. Madam Maryam Rajavi, President of the Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) described the decision by the regime’s Red Crescent to ban the entry of 150,000 vaccine doses a criminal measure that will lead to more lives being lost. The Iranian people deserve to have the vaccine.

Iran coronavirus outbreak death toll interactive map