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Iran’s IRGC taking control over hospitals during coronavirus crisis

Tehran Sina Hospital
Tehran Sina Hospital

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, May 03, 2020—As senior regime officials in Iran are decreasing coronavirus restrictions and announcing various cities and towns as “white” areas, there are reports indicating quarantine measures being lifted even in some hospitals.

One employee in Sina Hospital of the Iranian capital Tehran said on Saturday, May 2, “There are orders now that coronavirus patients should be hospitalized in all sections throughout the hospital and there will be no quarantine measures!”



“Physicians and nurses are being limited in their use of protective gear. Regime officials are taking control of the situation inside hospitals and anyone protesting these new conditions are fired. During the past week, ten individuals have been infected with COVID-19 and 30 individuals have died in this hospital alone. However, only ten of these deaths were actually registered as coronavirus,” this individual adds.

“Regime officials are stationed at the hospital 24 hours a day and if anyone uses their mobile phone they will be checked. If anyone is seen taking footage, they will be interrogated, and their mobile phone confiscated for evaluation. To not lose their phones, hospital personnel either don’t bring them to work or don’t use them during their shifts. The hospital is now under the control of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC),” the reports adds.



In other news, the regime’s official IRNA news agency wired a report on Sunday, May 3, citing the caretaker dean of the North Khorasan Medical Sciences University in northeast Iran saying, “The number of coronavirus cases in this province has increased in the past few days. In the upcoming days, we will be witnessing an unprecedented rise in these numbers.”

“During the past few days we have begun evaluating a large number of people in the streets and taking samples of those who do not go to a hospital,” Seyed Ahmad Hashemi added. “Due to fears of the COVID-19 virus, many people do not feel comfortable going to medical centers, being hospitalized, and receiving medical treatment. We have also been taking samples from family members and people in contact with those who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. This has resulted in the number of samples and COVID-19 cases doubling and even tripling,” he continued.

“What is quite interesting is that a large percentage of people being tested are coronavirus positive and this has resulted in a significant rise in the number of cases,” Hashemi finalized.