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The peaceful coexistence between Iran’s regime and COVID-19

The peaceful coexistence between Iran’s regime and COVID-19
The peaceful coexistence between Iran’s regime and COVID-19

Analysis by PMOI/MEK

Iran, May 01, 2020—On Tuesday, April 28, Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani during his remarks at the Government Thinkers meeting said something that clarified the regime’s policy and performance during the coronavirus crisis. After downplaying the coronavirus, Rouhani said “The people didn’t know at all that the virus is such that 80 percent of the populatoin will contract it and then it ends. They won’t feel it.” Rouhani means that coronavirus is uncontrollable with its rapid and extraordinary release and even with quarantine, it cannot be controlled. So, the solution is to let it loose in the society and let it run its course. The result will be collective immunity against the virus, even if the price is millions of deaths.

What is herd immunity?

At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, some politicians advocated the herd immunity thesis. It means the best way to deal with an epidemic is to release it. Instead of imposing quarantines on the whole country, only those in danger must be quarantined. According to many experts, this method was dangerous and unscientific and would raise the death toll. And the victims will mostly be deprived groups who do not have proper nutrition and strong physical strength and do not have access to medication and treatment.

While this thesis was mentioned in the UK, an evaluation of a scientific report by King’s College, London, suggests that following this path will kill 250,000 people across the country. In addition to widespread deaths, this method will lead to overcpacitation of the country's health care system and dismantle it. As a result of this report, the government changed its initial policy toward the coronavirus outbreak.

Thus, the unscientific nature of this theory was quickly revealed, and especially based on the successful experience of quarantine in countries such as South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Germany, it has been proven that quarantine is the only way to deal with coronavirus.

As can now be definitively stated, there is no longer any serious politician or authoritative scientist who defends the herd immunity theory, with only one exception: The ruling theocracy in Iran, which, however, does not explicitly state it, but in practice, applies it and persists in this method.

This doesn’t mean that Rouhani and Khamenei and other regime officials don’t believe in quarantine and instead believe in herd immunity theory. As far as they and their relatives are concerned, they are very committed to quarantine. But when it comes to ordinary people, they say coronavirus is not so scary, 80 percent of the people will get it and then it will be over, and nobody will feel it.

Recently, one of the regime’s internal opponents revealed that Rouhani said somewhere, “If two million people die from coronavirus is better than 30 million hungry people who will come to the street.” Rouhani later implicitly said the same thing in one of his speeches: “Coronavirus is a disease, but unemployment is a bigger threat, mortality from corona should not be curbed at the cost of an increase in death from poverty and unemployment.” 

Herd immunity, example of regime’s policy

For the first time on, April 13, the herd immunity theory was mentioned during the press briefing of Kianush Jahanpour, spokesperson and Deputy Health Minister. When asked about about herd immunity, Jahanpour denied that the Health Ministry was pursuing this policy but also admitted: “Opinions in this ministry are very different.” In fact, the regime’s performance during the crisis, like canceling quarantine under the name of step-by-step reopening and Smart Distancing Plan, showed the regime follows the herd immunity theory in practice. This way, like the Iranian Resistance had mentioned before, mostly the deprived and poor classes of the society will be sacrificed to create immunity for the privileged.

According to careful evaluation and reports tallied by the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), the criminal policy of the regime to coexist with the deadly coronavirus has claimed more than 37,600 lives. As Khamenei emphasized that “the disaster will be a blessing, and the threat will be an opportunity”, the Iranian Resistance is determined to turn the situation against the regime. The Iranian people’s fight against coronavirus is part of their fateful resistance against Khamenei and the inhuman clerical regime. And yes, “the prerequisite for victory is rebellion and fierce resistance.”