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Details of Iran’s rising number of coronavirus cases

The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting economies across the globe [File Photo]
The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting economies across the globe [File Photo]

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, May 29, 2020—Despite the daily lies heard from Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani and his devious comparisons between circumstances in Iran and those of European countries, and considering the fact that the mullahs’ regime have always placed their state security before the health and well-being of the Iranian people, and refused to provide even the smallest budget to seriously impose quarantine conditions and other measures to address the novel coronavirus, the number of COVID-19 cases are constantly on the rise across Iran.

Remarks made by medical professionals and the bottleneck stats provided by regime officials further portray this reality. “During the past 24 hours a total of 265 new COVID-19 patients were accepted into hospitals across Tehran province. Two hundred of these patients were in normal conditions. This is a relative increase in comparison to the previous 24-hour period. The remaining 65 patients were placed in ICU. If we compare this figure to previous days, we will be witnessing a relative slight increase in such stats,” said Alireza Zali, head of the Tehran COVID-19 Task Force on Tuesday, May 27.



The Iranian regime Health Ministry spokesperson said the status is red in Khuzestan province, and the provinces of Kermanshah, Mazandaran, and Hormozgan are in “alarming” conditions.

The spread of COVID-19 in Khuzestan has reached a point that regime officials have been forced to cancel the reopening of colleges across this province, initially scheduled for June 6. Based on the official numbers provided by the regime’s Health Ministry, 580 individuals have contracted the novel coronavirus and the number of COVID-19 cases in this province has reached 12,788.

Dr. Ghasem Janbabei, Deputy Health Minister in Iran said on Wednesday in a visit to the city of Abadan in southwest Iran that the number of coronavirus cases is on the rise in Khuzestan. “We can’t forecast the future in Khuzestan and say the trend will decrease, especially since in the past few days we have had the Eid al-Fitr ceremonies and markets have been crowded. We expect a rise in the number of cases,” he said.

Dean of the Abadan Medical Sciences University said this city has just recently entered its first peak and a very critical situation awaits the locals.

A member of the regime’s so-called Assembly of Experts warned about popular protests in Khuzestan province and the situation getting out of control. “If emergency action is not taken we will be witnessing migration and unexpected measures by the people,” he said.



In Sanandaj, western Iran, deputy dean of health affairs in the Kurdistan Medical Sciences University said on Wednesday that the number of coronavirus cases in this province is rising and a second COVID-19 wave threatens the locals. “Normalization measures have placed Kurdistan on the brink of a more intensive coronavirus wave,” he explained.

In Iranshahr, southeast Iran, head of the local Medical Sciences University said the number of COVID-19 cases is rising in the southern districts of Sistan & Baluchistan province. “All the beds allocated for coronavirus patients are full and we will be facing a crisis in the coming days,” he said.