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Iran: Political prisoner Behnam Mahjoubi killed under torture

Behnam Mahjoubi, an Iranian Dervish who had been in Evin prison, was killed under torture
Behnam Mahjoubi, an Iranian Dervish who had been in Evin prison, was killed under torture

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, February 16, 2021—Behnam Mahjoubi, an Iranian Dervish who had been in Evin prison, was declared dead on Tuesday morning. But according to Mahjoubi’s acquaintances, he died under torture three days ago, but the regime refrained from declaring his death out of fear of public backlash.

On Monday, Mahjoubi’s family had said that his health condition was critical, and he can only breath with ventilator support. Mahjoubi was arrested in 2018 during protests by Gonabadi Dervishes in Tehran and was sentenced to two years in prison. In August 2019, he was sentenced to two years in prison and two years prohibition of taking part in political parties and associations on charges of “association and conspiracy against national security by taking part in an illegal rally.”

His mother was denied meeting him before his death.

In a Twitter post on Tuesday, Ebrahim Allah-Bakhshi, a Dervish and a friend of Mahjoubi, declared his death at Tehran’s Loghman hospital. Allah-Bakhshi tweeted, “Reliable source from Loghman hospital have said that Behnam Mahjoubi has died, but they have been ordered to keep the apparels online for three days.”

The Gonabadi Dervishes are a minority community that are constantly persecuted by regime officials.

At least three executions in Birjand and Meshgin Shahr

Birjand Prison; Execution of a Baloch prisoner

Birjand Prison

On Saturday, the regime executed a Baluch prisoner in Birjand, Southern Khorasan province. There are unconfirmed reports that five other death row prisoners have been executed in this prison.

One of the executed prisoners was Jamaleddin Barahoui, 40, from the Sefidabeh village, near Zabol city. Barahoui was hanged without even having a death sentence. He had been arrested two years ago sentenced to 27 years in prison on drug-related charges. But on Thursday, he was suddenly taken to the quarantine and hanged two days later.

Another prisoner executed in Birjand prison was Mohammad Barahoui, 28, a resident of Zahedan and father of three. He was arrested in 2019.

On the same day, authorities in Meshgin Shahr, Ardebil province, executed Bahavar Tanazi, 37. Tanazi had been in prison for five years.

On Sunday, regime authorities in Urmia lashed prisoner Hadi Rostami 60 times on financial charges. Rostami has also been sentenced to the severing of one of his hands. The lashing took place while Rostami has tried to commit suicide twice in the past two months and he was in very poor physical conditions.