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Iran protests: Azvico depositors hold rally highlighting regime’s corrupt practices

Plundered depositors of the Azvico car company holding a protest rally in northwest Iran – August 26, 2020
Plundered depositors of the Azvico car company holding a protest rally in northwest Iran – August 26, 2020

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, August 27, 2020—Plundered depositors of the Azvico car company (Azerbaijan Automobile Industry)

held a rally outside the East Azarbaijan province Governor's Office in northwest Iran on Wednesday, August 27. The protesters are demanding the delivery of the vehicles they had purchased two year ago.

The criminal former Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) officers, along with corrupt judges such as Hossein Izadi of Branch 64 of the Governmental Discretionary Punishments Department, who voted in favor of the company, are one of the main involvers behind the massive Azvico corruption dossier.


“Kabiri,” an IRGC member and brother to a candidate of the regime’s parliament, is one of the shareholders of the company. Together with Reza Rahmani, former minister of industry, mining  and trade and Abbas Tabesh, head of the Consumer Protection Organization, had made a deal and began stealing money from thousands of people.

Railway workers speak out about their work and living conditions

The following statement was made by a group of railway workers and employees to their compatriots and colleagues regarding their difficult living conditions, emphasizing on the issue of delayed paychecks and the problems they are facing.

The statement reads as follows:

Dear compatriots and colleagues

We live in difficult living conditions that exhaust human endurance.

We go to work at 06:30 in the morning. If our machinery breaks down, we have to repair it ourselves, which may take up to midnight. However, we do not get paid for what we do and for the repairs.

Our insurance status is bad, and each time we get sick we are worried whether our booklet is valid or not. And they do not deposit our insurance premium.

With this increase of 2,000,000 rials (about $9) in bonuses that has been approved by the government, our salary will hardly reach 27 million rials (about $117).

When we were on various projects we were provided with us 100 hours of overtime pay. Now, however, they do not give us even ten hours of overtime pay despite working in the same situation. We pray to God that they pay one of our delayed paychecks.

When our parts of our machinery need maintenance or repair they say, “Work with it as much as possible. We’ll repair it whenever it breaks down.”

Repairs that can be done at a low cost, are not done and then result in breakdowns at a cost of two to three billion rials (about $8,000 to $13,000).

Dear compatriots, this is just a part of difficulties we members of the railway staff face and the problems that exist. And there are many more.

Living conditions will deteriorate with each passing day, and we believe that silence is not the answer in the face of this injustice. We ask all our compatriots to be our rightful voice wherever they can.

A group of railway staff and employees