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Iran: Ahvaz locals attack regime’s municipality building

Authorities destroy locals’ property in Ahvaz, southwest Iran
Authorities destroy locals’ property in Ahvaz, southwest Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Aug. 18, 2018 - Locals of the Zoviyeh district in Ahvaz, southwest Iran, clashed with municipality authorities who intended to destroy their homes.

“On Thursday, people were seen attacking municipality authorities in the Zoviyeh district of Ahvaz, set fire to a state-owned bulldozer and inflicted severe damage to the municipality building,” said Mojtaba Yousefi, mayor of the third district in Ahvaz.

“A serious city motivation is necessary to bring an end to the locals’ illegal homes. This is why the municipality has a significant presence,” Yousefi added, emphasizing on the municipality’s decision to continue destroying the poor people’s makeshift homes.

The state-run Mehr news agency reported on this development as:

“Clash with municipality agents reported; bulldozer set ablaze.”

From the regime’s media outlets we will not read about skyrocketing prices, inflation, escalating poverty, increasing unemployment, billions going to waste to meddle in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon, even more, wasted on a completely unnecessary nuclear (weapons) program and ballistic missile development.

Ahvaz has constantly been a restive city.

A recent soccer/football match on August 9th between Tehran’s Persepolis and Esteghlal Khuzestan held in Al Qadeer Stadium of Ahvaz became the scene of this city’s brave youth clashing with the repressive state police and anti-riot units. Many of the security unit members were injured as a result.

A number of the youth were also wounded and transferred to a nearby hospital. Security forces had closed all roads leading to the stadium to prevent people from joining the protesting youths.



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