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How social crackdown is backfiring in Iran

Crackdown on women in Iran (File Photo)
Crackdown on women in Iran (File Photo)

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 28, 2019 - As the mullahs’ regime in engulfed in domestic, regional and international crises, and terrified of a possible national uprising, authorities have launched a new campaign to “fight mal-veiling” and oppress the women and youth.

However, such measures have resulted in angry and widespread counter-reactions from Iranian society, leading to growing fears among various regime officials.



State media are reporting the publication of a video showing state police resorting to brute force against a young woman has resulted in a massive wave of public hatred in social media platforms.

“I have never seen the police so defenseless and retreated to such an extent,” read a post in the state-run Mashregh news website. “Last night, the TV anchorman pushed a police colonel to the point where he acknowledged that the two police officers reacted in a wrong manner against a mal-veiled woman in eastern Tehran… The police’s desperate retreat from such an incident will lead to other incidents, emboldening lawbreakers in the face of law enforcement officers.”

This clearly pinpoints the regime’s utter fear of further protests igniting as a result of escalating public anger. In response, various regime officials are making remarks distancing themselves from the mullahs’ crimes.

“Following the publication of a video showing the police taking action against a young girl in a Tehran park, 30 (Majlis members) issued a written warning to the Interior Minister demanding an explanation in this regard. Furthermore, the Interior Minister has been questioned why the police took such action against the young girl,” said Parvaneh Salahshouri, a member of the regime’s Majlis (parliament).

“Not only does this have no positive impact… it, in fact, results in instigating a negative view, more hatred and people – especially the younger generation – distancing from the state,” said Majlis member Mahmoud Sadeghi.

“In recent days in Tehran, we are facing an issue far more serious than the hijab. We’re not just talking about clothing restrictions. In fact, Tehran citizens are being deprived of their psychological security. Actions in this regard and insisting on such issues, in addition to violating people’s rights, will eventually lead to our laws, that maintain order in our society, lose their credibility. The published video of a young woman being arrested under any pretext does not justify the arrested individual’s actions. According to a published report, the values of hijab in our society have diminished immensely,” said Majlis member Tayebeh Siavosh.

While indicating how regime officials are maintaining their loyalty to the mullahs despite an obvious case of vicious police brutality, this turn of events also shows how concerns over new protests and another round of a nationwide uprising are deeply rooted among the ruling elite in Tehran.