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Floods in Iran – Dangerous floodwaters advancing in Khuzestan Province

An aerial view of Poledokhtar, a flood-hit town in Lorestan Province, western Iran
An aerial view of Poledokhtar, a flood-hit town in Lorestan Province, western Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, April 4, 2019 - As locals in the provinces of Lorestan, Kermanshah, Ilam, and Golestan – among others – continue to seek state relief, floodwaters are advancing towards the already devastated Khuzestan Province. The regime has failed to provide any meaningful relief to the people and protests are escalating in numerous parts of the country.

The policies implemented by the mullahs’ regime during the past 40 years have led to the escalating devastation we are witnessing these days. Uncontrolled welling and dam construction, deforestation, construction projects very close to river banks, selling soil to countries abroad and … are just a number of the factors behind Iran’s decaying environment.




Videos and images posted on social media continue to show vast damage.

A newly built road near the Kakareza waterfall area of Lorestan Province, western Iran, comes as more proof of the regime’s destructive policies and low construction standards.



Railways across the country have also been engulfed.



As seen in the Seyed Abbas village near the city of Shush, Khuzestan Province in southwest Iran, locals are taking matters into their own hands and erecting flood-dams as best as possible.




Various neighborhoods are witnessing water enter their areas and threatening their way of life.




As the regime continues to fail in responding to the needs of flood-hit areas, people are left on their own to literally give everything to save what is left of their homes. In the Kut Abdullah neighborhood of Ahvaz, southwest Iran, locals were seen using their bodies to help repair the flood-dam preventing rising waters from destroying their lands and homes.




Youths in a village near the city of Shushtar were also seen rising to the occasion to erect a flood-dam to protect their way of life.




The road running adjacent to the Ahvaz-Shush railway was closed due to rising floodwaters.




As protests continue across the country over the regime’s failure to respond, the city of Poledokhtar of Lorestan Province is seen in ruins. Mud after the recent floods has engulfed the city.