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Farmers in central Iran, others in Tehran hold protest rallies

Farmers of Varzaneh protesting not receiving their share of river waters
Farmers of Varzaneh protesting not receiving their share of river waters

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Jan. 6, 2019 - In Varzaneh of Isfahan Province, central Iran, farmers held a protest rally on Sunday, gathered in the city’s Darvazeh Abbas district and went on to march through the streets, protesting not receiving their share of river waters.



They were seen targeting senior Iranian regime officials in their slogans.

“Death to Rouhani the liar (referring to Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani) – State TV/radio is our disgrace – Our incompetent government is our disgrace – Down with oppressors, Hail to farmers – Our share of Zayanderud River is our right.”

These farmers are protesting plots by the Iranian regime Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and others close to the regime that reroute local rivers for military-related projects and initiatives that will end up profiting the rich few while leaving the poor majority even under harsher economic conditions.

Varzaneh has a history of witnessing such protests.

On Friday, December 28, Varzaneh farmers marched in the city streets protesting unfair management and distribution of water sources. The past year has seen intermittent protests by the farmers, who have been deprived of vital water to irrigate their lands due to the regime’s destructive policies.

The mullahs have engaged in several dams and channel construction projects to divert the waters of Isfahan and its famous Zayandeh Rud River for their own purposes. Among the disputed engagements is a water pipeline transferring Isfahan’s water to neighboring Yazd province. The measures have deeply damaged the agriculture in Isfahan, which is one of the main occupations of the province's population.

Rouhani promised to solve the problems of Isfahan’s farmers. However, nearly halfway into his second term, he has yet to take even minimum measures to restore the farmers’ access to water sources.

Varzaneh farmers are known to have used interesting chants saying, “Our enemy is right here, [the government] is lying that it’s America,” a slogan that has become popular in the past year and reflects the people’s lack of buy-in to the regime’s propaganda pertaining to blaming foreign governments for the country’s economic problems.


Hundreds of employees of the Agriculture Insurance are rallying

Hundreds of employees of the Agriculture Insurance are rallying


In other reports from Tehran, hundreds of employees of the Agriculture Insurance Fund rallied in Tehran from across the country, holding a gathering outside the regime’s Employment Organization and protesting lack of job security. They are demanding official working contracts. These employees have time and again held such rallies in the country’s capital.



On Sunday, a number of handicapped individuals were also seen rallying outside the regime’s parliament demanding better medical care and insurance provided for this needy community.


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