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Credit firm clients protesting in NE Iran, demanding stolen savings returned

Clients of the Padideh credit firm protesting in Mashhad, northeast Iran
Clients of the Padideh credit firm protesting in Mashhad, northeast Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Oct. 25, 2018 - Clients of the Padideh credit firm, known to be linked to the Iranian regime, rallied on Thursday in Mashhad, northeast Iran. They are demanding their stolen savings to be returned.

Fearing the protest would expand and people from all walks of life joining their ranks, the regime’s repressive police units attacked and arrested a number of the protesters. People at the scene began protesting these measures, sources say.

It is worth noting that the Caspian and Padideh credit firm clients in Tehran’s Keshavarz Avenue held another such rally on October 14. They were chanting the following:

“We will sacrifice our lives for freedom – Down with this cruelty”

“Our three branches pass us to each other, leaving us in limbo”

“Hands behinds the scenes, what have they done with our money?”

“We shall fight, we may die, yet we will not accept living in shame”

“Theft has become legal under the cloak of law”

Hamidreza Jalalipour, an expert linked to the Iranian regime, recently raised concerns about the expansion of such protests.

“We must answer to the people’s demands… you must answer so that the society becomes calm… If we don’t pay attention to these demands, it will become concerning and I can show how since last year these protest rallies are changing and these changes must be taken seriously…” he said in an interview on state TV.

“In the past year, the people’s measures have changed… Just take a look, during the past year (and even during the 1979 revolution), we had never witnessed violence. However, in the protests of the past 12 months, we have been witnessing violence… people were angry, upset; they have difficulties, people have lost their money, yet banks were set on fire and they headed towards the prosecutor’s office… These are dangerous measures. These are concerning issues that we should be all be worried about. The people’s measures must be responded to. It shouldn’t result in unrest, protests, and God forbid, violence, and then strikes… if you look at the big picture, things will get serious…”

Ahmad Hamzeh, a member of the Iranian regime’s Majlis (parliament), also raised serious concerns about increasing public protests and people revolting.

“Do people have to pour into the streets for us to hear their voices?” he asked while acknowledging unprecedented poverty and warning about a wave of unemployed and hungry Iranians launching a new round of protests and an uprising.



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