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A humiliating debunking of the BBC’s anti-MEK slander

Reporting by PMO/MEK

Iran, November 19, 2019—As escalating crises are engulfing the mullahs’ regime in Iran from inside the country and abroad, the BBC has very “coincidently” broadcast a variety of fake news reports against the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

On November 11, BBC World Service, BBC 4 Radio, BBC Persian, and the BBC’s English, Persian, and Arabic websites all broadcast a variety of programs and articles pushing a single and shameful talking point, “The Iranian opposition fighters who can’t think about sex.” This was a crystal-clear attack targeting the honor and integrity MEK members in Ashraf-3, their new home in Albania.  BBC’s propaganda campaign provided much needed life support for the ruling religious dictatorship in Iran. This is unacceptable to any honorable and patriotic Iranian.

In their hasty effort, the BBC resorted to a variety of lies and fake news reports that have been quite easily debunked, resulting in nothing but a major embarrassment for the network.