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The wrath of flood stricken residents of Poldokhtar

People shout disgrace, disgrace to Mohsen Rezaie, former IRGC commander
People shout disgrace, disgrace to Mohsen Rezaie, former IRGC commander

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, April 4, 2019In a sham demonstration of solidarity and concern to the flood-ravaged residents of Poldokhtar, west of Iran, former IRGC commander, Mohsen Rezaie traveled to the city taking pictures and shooting videos to pretend government concern and attention.



But the people who have lost their entire livelihood to the flash floods are angry at the clerical regime for destroying the environment. When Mohsen Rezaie visited their city, people welcomed him with curse and hatred.

They shouted slogans against Rezaie saying “What do you want here? Leave, you animals. You are a disgrace, leave. Are you taking selfies to put it over your graves? And forced him to cut his visit short and leave hastily.


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Iran Human Rights Monitor March report says “Authorities have been over-constructing for a long time and it has destroyed the natural flood barriers that were in place.

The reason behind Iran’s increasing floods is the deforestation of more than 30% of the northern forests, the destruction of vegetation in pastures and fields, the lack of levees, and flood walls in flood areas, the lack of river dredging, the unnatural gathering of heavy sediments behind dams, broken dams, the unconventional building of villas in agricultural land which is mostly carried out by those affiliated with the government, and the construction on river banks and river areas.

Deforestation is carried out in full by the government with “33% of forests in Iran having been destroyed”, according to state-run media. That means that the 18 million hectares of Iran’s forests have shrunk to just 12.4 million.

Salamat News state-run website also reported a few years ago that the main cause of floods was due to environmental damages.

“Floods are not only the result of natural disasters. It is rather the result of environmental destruction. They are the result of the changes made to natural lands, deforestation and the destruction of native vegetation. Reducing vegetation and changes in the land will cause runoff from precipitation to increase by more than 30 times in some places,” the website wrote.

It’s obvious that these environmental damages are systematic and the result of government mismanagement.