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Why Iran’s mullahs fear the keyboards of PMOI/MEK

The regime of Iran is terrified of online activities by PMOI/MEK
The regime of Iran is terrified of online activities by PMOI/MEK

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Feb. 28, 2019 - While the dictatorship ruling Iran is trying to demonize PMOI/MEK by fake news through its paid-hands in the western press like Der Spiegel, Iranian regime officials and high ranking elements constantly warn about the real threat to their tyrannical rule, and they’re trying to focus and mobilize regime supporters against the regime’s alternative.

On the one hand Der Spiegel claimed about PMOI/MEK members aren’t even allowed to have wristwatches, while on the other, the Iranian regime’s officials are complaining about the high volume of social media and online activism by PMOI/MEK members!

Abbas Ali Moghithi, the representative of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in Nahavand, expressed his concern of the online activities of PMOI/MEK toward overthrowing the regime. “Today, the weapon that can eliminate our state is keyboard and internet which are in the domination of PMOI/MEK members. They spread news against us one after another,” Moghithi said.

Yousef Tabatabai Nejad, Khamenei’s representative and Friday prayer leader in Isfahan province, also expressed his frustration about PMOI/MEK activities on internet against the dictatorship in Iran. Tabatabai Nejad revealed the real nature of mullahs ruling Iran, saying, “Some people have ruined the reputation of clergy on the internet and social media. These measures are conducted by some PMOI/MEK channels and platforms. They are intending to wage a soft war to make the people pessimistic about the clergy and changed their minds against us. We must do something against such measures.”

The state-run news agency Tehran Press also wrote about the fear of the Iranian Regime from PMOI/MEK, “We were always lagging behind our enemies on social media and have been defeated by them. Now we can say undoubtedly that PMOI/MEK is dominating the Telegram messenger platform, “We can dare say that the enemy, especially the [PMOI/MEK] organization, is in control of the Telegram platform. For those who should be familiar with this organization’s tactics, these remarks are not exaggerations at all and are in fact a reflection of our status quo.”

This outlet further says, “If not 100 percent, the mentality of toppling [the regime], seen very active today in social media platforms, is very much influenced by the literature and terms of overthrowing that is used very vividly by the [PMOI/MEK]. This culture and vocabulary is witnessed in most Telegram groups, including political groups and even social groups. We may not believe it that many of the so-called principalists groups, those who appear to be loyal to the [regime], are not immune against the influence of this organization’s hypocritical culture. This is the mysterious and low-profile ruling state that continues to be active even in the homes of our senior officials. These days we are witnessing how the children of these loyal individuals and insiders are literally drowned in cyberspace platforms heavily influenced by the [PMOI/MEK] and are not aware of this reality.”

It is obvious that the Iranian regime is trying to block the way of its alternative and postpone its overthrowing resorting to both propaganda campaign in media and mobilizing its element on internet.

What the regime fears the most is the nightmare of overthrowing which has become tangible for the regime these days by the increase of resistance units activities inside Iran alongside with Iranian resistance activities internationally including numerous demonstrations and gatherings worldwide in support of the cause of freedom for Iran which have enjoyed global support.