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The Iranian regime fears the consequences of Caspian Sea’s sellout

Caspian Sea
Caspian Sea

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Aug 19, 2018 - The public outrage about the treacherous act of selling out the Caspian Sea has scared the Iranian regime and made it try to cover up for this anti-patriotic act.

The regime’s propaganda machine is trying full speed to whitewash the fiasco. More importantly, on 15th August, Hassan Rouhani dedicated a big part of his speech in the cabinet meeting to this issue to vindicate the huge concessions made from Iran’s national interests to its northern neighbors in the recent summit in Kazakhstan.

Javad Zarif, the Iranian regime’s foreign minister, also participated in a special round table on national television to paint what even some of Iran’s state-run media have described as the second Treaty of Turkmenchay as a victory and great achievement.

The Treaty of Turkmenchay was an agreement between Iran and the Russian Empire and concluded the Russo-Persian War (1826-1828). By the treaty, Iran ceded control of several areas in South Caucasus to Russia. In modern Iran, the Treaty of Turkmenchay is the symbol of treason and the sellout of the homeland’s best interests.

Rouhani in the cabinet meeting said: “It has been 20 years since we started to negotiate with the five neighboring countries of the Caspian Sea. Some of the issues have been resolved and some are still standing… maybe 30 percent of the issues have been resolved till this day and another 60 to 70 percent remain and we need to continue anyway.”

While Rouhani claims that 60 to 70 percent of the issues regarding the Caspian Sea remain, the propaganda apparatus of the Iranian regime has previously stated that 90 percent of the issues had been resolved and only 10 percent remain.

But at the end of his remarks, Rouhani uncovered the true motivations behind this agreement. He said: “In these negotiations and agreement we had a very great achievement in terms of national security. The United States, and even NATO, had a plan to come to the shores of Caspian Sea. So that their soldiers, their soldiers’ boots reach the shores of the Caspian Sea.”

It is evident that lies like the boots of US and NATO soldiers at the Caspian Sea have only one goal: To excuse the treason that was committed by the Iranian regime to secure the support of Iran’s neighbors, especially the powerful northern neighbor, to help the failing regime.

On national television, when Zarif was asked why the agreement was signed in a bad time when the Iranian regime is weak, he answered that, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is very strong and not weak.”

Zarif further tried to cover up the fiasco by making fun out of giving Iran’s 50 percent share and accepting 11 percent. He said: “Just imagine Iran having a 50 percent share in the Caspian Sea. This 50 percent will reach above Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, meaning they won’t have any share of the water or we have to draw a conical in the water up to Russia to make a 50 percent share for Iran…”

The television anchor said: “We can ask Trump to build a wall too.” Zarif answered: “Yeah, Mr. Trump’s company could build a wall or make a road or either of those…”


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