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Syrian coalition condemns behavior of Iran’s regime

Tehran is attempting to teach Farsi to children in the cities and towns near Deir ez-Zur in Syria
Tehran is attempting to teach Farsi to children in the cities and towns near Deir ez-Zur in Syria

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


July 9, 2018 - A member of the Syrian opposition coalition condemns new violations committed against children, according to the London-based ILAF website.

“This measure adds to a long list of war crimes, including murder, destruction, altering the social fabric by Iran’s terrorist militias carried out against civilians,’ he said.

Riyadh Hassan, Secretary-General of the Syrian Coalition Political Delegation, reiterated Tehran is attempting to teach Farsi to children in the cities and towns near Deir Ez-Zur in Syria.

“This is aimed at imposing this regime’s religious and sectarian culture,” he adds.

“After Iran sensed the threat against its military presence, this is an effort aimed at opening another door to cement their occupation of Syria,” Hassan continues.

Through cultural influence, Tehran has found a new method to realize its objectives. Some press sources had reiterated that 250 children in Deir Ez-Zur entered Iranian schools to learn the language of Farsi. These children are aged between 8 to 15, the sources added.

Sources are emphasizing the Iranian regime has recently opened three schools in the city of Al Bukamal and one school in Al Mayadeen, all with Iranian personnel. The management staff in these schools provide 10,000 Syrian liras to each child as a monthly allowance, according to sources. They’re attempting to encourage the children to join this school and large financial prizes are set aside for each child that speaks Farsi fluently.

“Resorting to brainwashing children and changing their minds in a sectarian manner, and preparing them to become future militants are all considered new forms of war crimes,” Hassan said. He calls on the international community and human rights organizations, including UNICEF, to defend these children and stop Iran’s crimes.

Iran is taking advantage of the dire living conditions in towns and villages near Deir Ez-Zur after years of pain and suffering due to the Assad regime’s tyranny and ISIS’ viciousness. Tehran is launching various branches for militants to sign off into the “Quds Brigade.”

In the past, the Iranian regime had carried out similar measures in Latakia and other coastal cities, all the way to Damascus. These campaigns are aimed at imposing its cultural hegemony after gaining Bashar Assad’s agreement to launch the Iran-sponsored Islamic universities in various cities across Syria.

Syrian opposition coalition President Dima Moussa emphasized on the importance of the European Union’s role in activating institutions and organizations in liberated areas and providing support to Syria’s transitional government, local councils and civil organizations to fill the government’s void in such regions.

“Liberated areas are in need of true support after most of the medical, educational, service and judiciary institutions have been destroyed by the Assad regime and their allies,” Moussa added, underscoring the fact that activating these institutions will decrease the Syrian people’s pains and sufferings, and play a role in strengthening the pillars of civil democracy measures.

Moussa also highlighted the Syrian opposition’s intention to strengthen EU states’ participation and relations, adding supporting the residents of liberated areas is in line with the EU’s strategy of realizing stability and providing life support for civilians, and making them capable of managing and remaining in those areas.