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Senior Iran regime figure: We must all be ready for the 2019 sedition

Ahmad Alamalhoda warns about a new Iranian uprising in 2019
Ahmad Alamalhoda warns about a new Iranian uprising in 2019

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


March 11, 2019 - Ahmad Alamalhoda, Friday prayer imam of Mashhad, northeast Iran, warned of a 2019 uprising in the making. “All of us must be ready to confront and neutralize the 2019 sedition,” he said recently. Friday prayer imams are considered representatives of the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in each city, town and village.

“It has been some time that our enemies have been thinking if economic pressures increase and living conditions deteriorate, the people will practically shape a movement to topple the [regime]. The enemies are focusing their efforts through the media and cultural platforms to push the disappointed people into an uprising,” he warned.

It is worth noting that Alamalhoda, who is very close to regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei, voiced similar concerns on January 4, shedding light on the regime’s increasing internal crises, the large number of defections and infiltration even into his own inner circle.

“If the enemy intends to infiltrate, they will infiltrate into our economic institutions. And worst of all, they will infiltrate into our society and even in our own [loyal forces], such as our [Revolutionary Guards, the Basij]. These individuals should be very careful about the enemy infiltrating into your own ranks, too. The enemy is not only focusing on the management and those running our circles. The enemy is infiltrating everywhere. They may even infiltrate into my own circle, all in the name of defending the needy, defending people’s living conditions, defending the poor, and then attack us from within,” Alamalhoda emphasized.

And on January 19, Alamalhoda had made more interesting remarks saying Europe had deceived the mullahs’ regime.

“Our situation in the nuclear deal is tantamount to one person holding us and another person hitting us… Keep in mind that if the U.S. would not have exited the nuclear deal if not certain that Europe would maintain us in the nuclear deal,” he explained.

“Take for instance a fight between two people where a number of others enter the scene to hold one of the two so the other can hit him as much as he wants. This is our situation in the nuclear deal. Europe is like a fox that has deceived us so that the U.S. could impose all the pressures on us while being certain we would not exit the nuclear deal and would not seek to further develop our nuclear technology. You saw the result with your own eyes.”

Alamalhoda’s remarks shed interesting light into the regime’s inner circles and the crises engulfing their entire apparatus. This provides more reasoning into why the mullahs are deeply concerned about another uprising in 2019.


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